Air Jordan 35 Is A Black Hole Connecting Past and Future!

by: Tilda
October 14, 2020

Air Jordan 35 Is A Black Hole Connecting Past and Future!

Jordan Brand is all about evolving and providing comfort and performance at the same time. From the first Air Jordan to the 34th silhouette, the Air Jordan line has been one of the industry leaders. And in 2020, the Brand worked tirelessly to give us the new Jordan 35. But honestly? This silhouette is a candy to the eye!

jordan 35 new 2020

What’s New About This Pair?

The Air Jordan 35 takes some of the AJ34 detailing, and upgrades it! The Eclipse 2.0 plate in the midsole is back, and so is the Zoom cushioning. Which means, we’ll get a bigger opening and better bounce. Although the tech isn’t Joyride or Boost, it’s still some work of luxury! It even looks better than the BB Adapt! The eclipse plate opening is actually inspired by NASA’s image of a black hole. The silhouette also gives off an airplane vibe, which reinforces the flight theme even further!

jordan 35 sketch

Upcoming Air Jordan 35 Colorways

Jordan Brand’s motto should definitely be “Go Big or Go Home”. The brand is launching this month, but not with one, but three colorways. Each of these colorways is worth owning and flexing, but one of them absolutely stands out! So let’s check them out one by one and you can decide which will be your favorite!

Jordan 35 “Center of Gravity”… and Our Attention!

What’s a better opener to a new silhouette than a joyful colorway? And a pretty cool name too! The upper of the new Jordan 35 features a mix of mesh, suede, and leather. The most striking bit about this colorway is the eclipse plate color! It features a gradient that goes from blue to coral pink. The same blue appears on the tongues which actually looks like the Air Jordan 5! The coral pink makes another appearance on the flashy outsole! Finally, grey leather and suede complete the look, along with the mesh underlays.

jordan 35 center of gravity

The kicks will launch on October 17, 2020, for $180. So make sure you’ve got this day set on your sneaker schedule! And if you decide to flip the kicks, you can resell them for around $420.

Jordan 35 “Warrior”

The second colorway is naturally bred! It’s not really a Jordan silhouette without our favorite black and red colors. The Bulls colorway features red suede and black leather on the front of the kicks. The gradient-colored eclipse plate goes from black to red! A Kanji-inspired logo adorns the tongue. That’s probably because the pair is originally a PE for the Japanese NBA player Rui Hachimura! Finally, the grey outsole with black and white speckles reminds us of the awesome Jordan Crater pack.

jordan 35 warrior

Jordan 35 Warrior is set to drop on October 21, 2020, also for $180. Really, it’s going to be a cook-packed week! And if you miss out on this pair, you’re gonna pay more than $1,300!

Jordan 35 “Fragment”

We already covered this pack, but there wasn’t much release information about this particular pair! After the cool bred colorway, Hiroshi Fujiwara is going for the royal buzz with the blue collab. The new Fragment Jordan will feature a mix of blue, black, and white. And naturally, the Fragment design logo is there, subtly. The kicks are dropping on October 28, 2020. However, we still don’t know how much it will retail for. 

jordan 35 fragment

But Wait. There’s More!

You didn’t think that’s all did you? The latest colorway emerged and it honestly took our breath away. This is the third pair of the Jordan Sisterhood pack. However, it’s dropping all the ditz n glam in favor of a pretty simple colorway. The all-white upper emphasizes the sparkly blue eclipse, and the outsole goes for a pretty nice gum color. Finally, the most interesting detail about Jordan 35 “Sisterhood” is the color of the laces. It’s a mashup of blue and white, but you can’t see the blue unless you stare closely at them. There are still no release details, but the kicks are expected to drop before the end of 2020… hopefully.

jordan 35 sisterhood

NSB’s Got Your Back

When these kicks drop, they’ll be available on Nike and Footsites. The meaning, if you’re running NSB, you’ll definitely have a lot of kicks to flex! But whether you’re flexing or flipping, these kicks are definitely must-haves! However, you’ll need some Footsites proxies before attempting the cook.