How Much Do Yeezys Cost: Answering the Real Question!

by: Tilda
February 27, 2021

How Much Do Yeezys Cost: Answering the Real Question!

Yeezys are undoubtedly some of the most famous kicks in the world along with Air Jordans. After a short Nike partnership, Kanye made the Adidas leap of faith, and the rest was history. The sneakers became a fashion statement, just the way Kanye wanted it. After all, we can’t argue with his fashion influence throughout the years! But before you style Yeezys, you need to buy them. But you should beware of fake kicks, they’re all around us. And to choose your pair right, you need to know everything about them. The most important bit though is the price. So how much do Yeezys cost in retail? Let’s find out!

How Much Do Yeezys Cost – A Visual Guide

How much do Yeezys cost - yeezy 350 to 950

How much do Yeezys cost - yeezy 500 to 700

How much do Yeezys cost - yeezy 700 to 450

Nike Air Yeezy (2007 – 2013)

The OG partnership that kickstarted the whole Yeezy kicks hype we’re still feeling to this day! The sneakers were so exclusive that you were extremely lucky to own a pair. Each pair of Air Yeezy 1 and 2 retailed for $250, but today, they resell for thousands of dollars! If only we knew what more kicks and colorways could have been. But our days in heaven didn’t last long, and a fight over royalties ensued. According to Kanye, Nike refused to pay him royalties from selling his shoes. Instead, they offered to pay some of the proceeds to a charity that he chooses. And that was it, Kanye made it official by leaving the swoosh for the three stripes!

Adidas Yeezy (2014 -)

Yeezy 350 – Yeezy 350 V2

After Kanye left Nike, 2015 became the beginning of a new sneaker era. The first pair of Yeezy 350s were the Turtle Doves, and they’re still awesome, 6 years later. Anyway, this pair retailed for $200, well, all the colorways retailed for that much!

Yeezy 350 V2

Next up, we got the really cool V2 that came in many Primeknit designs and colorways. From primeknit stripes to translucent ones, the stripe became a trademark of the V2s. The non-reflective pairs cost $220 which became the usual. However, Yeezy reflective 350 became the next big thing. Although most of them retail for the same $220, there are exceptions. Yeezy reflective pairs like the Yeezreel, Yecheil, Lundmark, and Yeshaya, retailed for $250!

Yeezy 500

Okay so, the 500s don’t get the love they deserve. That’s maybe because Kanye chose to drop the Boost tech and replace it with Adiprene. But ugly bulky sneakers are in, and Yeezy 500 is IT if you’re following the trend. And not being as popular as 350s didn’t stop Kanye from dropping a high-top version! We only have Yeezy Tyrian and Slate so far, but who knows what ‘Ye has in store?

Yeezy 500

Yeezy 700 – 700 V2 – MNVN – 700 V3

Kanye may not be the president, but he’s totally the president of funky kicks. When the first “Waverunner” colorway dropped, crowds went crazy and everyone wanted in! But Kanye promised that Yeezys will be available for everybody. And we got many colorways after the initial drop, and they all retailed for $300, including Yeezy 700 V2! One interesting exception is 2021’s Yeezy 700 Sun, which retailed for $240. That’s a smart move on Adidas’ part because $300 in retail is a lot for many people. So a 20% drop in price could spark interest once again!

Yeezy 700 V2

However, we got another iteration, and that was Yeezy 700 MNVN. This silhouette ditched the usual upper in favor of 3M and nylon! That’s probably why the sneakers retailed for $220, $80 less than usual. Finally, Kanye closed off 2019 with the first-ever Yeezy 700 V3! The creative team also went out of the box with this release and ditched the Boost midsole. They replaced it with the EVA foam, which is more rigid than Boost tech but comfy at the same time. And apparently, the lack of Boost makes the kicks less expensive. They actually retail for $200, that’s $100 less than the OG 700s! So really, we don’t blame you if you still wonder how much do Yeezys cost. 

Yeezy 450

The latest addition to the Yeezy family, also Boostless! The very alien-ish silhouette has been teased for years now, and we’ll finally get it. This time, we’re going for a molded outsole that hugs the Primeknit upper like tentacles! The kicks will retail for $200 as far as rumors go. And if you wanna cop these, make sure you have NSB up and running. Try not to miss out on it, you never know when the next colorway drops! Godspeed 🔥

Yeezy 450