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Yeezy Barium

Yeezy Barium Is Putting Us Right in Our Element!

It’s not really a good month without any Yeezy drops, don’t you think? That’s why Kanye West is treating us with a brand new Yeezy Quantum. After a long while of teasing and such, we’re finally getting some of the real deal! Forget about the false hopes of Yeezy Basketball Read More

Yeezy Foam Runner

Yeezy Foam Runner Is Allegedly Making An Appearance Soon!

Is it dropping? Is it not? The Yeezy Foam Runner is becoming one of the most elusive releases to date! But then again, most Yeezys go through a cycle of postpones and release date changes. They’re not the only ones though, Air Jordans often go through that same loop. But Read More

yeezy zebra restock nb 5

Yeezy Zebra Restock Number 5 and We’re Still Counting!

Another Yeezy Zebra Restock? You bet! One of the most hype sneaker colorways in the history of Yeezy Boost 350s is making its way back to our wardrobes this summer. So are you ready for storytime? We sure are. The Wild, Wild Yeezy 350 V2 Zebra Although we’re loving the Read More

yeezy zyon mud

Yeezy Zyon Is Dropping Soon in Yet Another Earthy Color!

It’s always a cool day whenever we get a new Yeezy peek. Kanye West is making sure we cope with this homestay, and every day really. And this month was and still is full of Yeezy releases. However, we all know how shaky rumors about Yeezys are. So what’s up Read More

Yeezy 500 High Tyrian

Yeezy 500 High Tyrian Teaches Us About Ancient Cultures!

This month’s Yeezy lineup is as diverse as it can get. From Yeezy 350 drops and restocks to a new 700, May is lit! However, one release stands out, maybe because it looks out of place among the spring-worthy releases? But then again, when did Kanye take mainstream decisions? That’s Read More

New Yeezy Sneakers

4 New Yeezy Sneakers Coming Your Way in May 2020!

Just when we were getting hyped about the Yeezy Quantums they’re taken away from us with one tweet. But also with just one tweet, we know exactly what to expect from May 2020. 4 new Yeezy sneakers lighting up the darkness of this pandemic and lockdown and adding to Kanye’s Read More

Yeezy Quantum

Yeezy Quantum Makes a Comeback Sooner Than We Expected!

Yeezy Quantum is one of the 2020 sneakers that kept us wondering till the last minute. Kanye West chose to release the kicks on the All-Star weekend 2020 in Chicago, his hometown. Brandon Ingram, who was on team Giannis in the All-Star game, flexed his Yeezy Quantum on the court! Read More

Yeezy restocks over the years

The Ultimate List of Yeezy Restocks through the Years!

It’s hard to miss a really cool Yeezy drop, you must know that. Who hasn’t suffered at least one loss? Luckily, Kanye West wants us all to have a shot at owning Yeezys. The solution to managing that? Yeezy Restocks. It’s true that we don’t always get the pairs we Read More

Yeezy 700 MNVN

Yeezy 700 MNVN “Bone” and “Phosphor” Are Going Regional

April is a full month of different Yeezy silhouettes! But the latest Yeezy 700 MNVN silhouette is catching our attention. Especially with the neon-ish colorways. We already know that the “Orange” and “Triple Black”, which dropped in February, caused a good deal of hype! However, if you missed on that Read More


How to Wear Yeezys and Rock Them Like an A-List Celebrity!

Let’s get straight to the point. You’re either here to flip and make bank, or here to own a pair of limited sneakers that will give you bragging rights! However, along with that journey of flipping and cashing in, you’ll definitely get the chance to own a pair, or more, Read More