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how do yeezys fit - a guide

How Do Yeezys Fit? The Question That Unites Sneakerheads!

Okay so, you decided to go into the Yeezy rabbit hole, where everybody is obsessed with a colorway. Welcome! If you don’t know where to get a pair, here’s where to buy Yeezys. However, if there are no physical stores next to you, it’s online then! But who likes to Read More

Yeezy September Release Lineup 2021

Yeezy September Release Lineup – Fall Kicks Hit Different!

We’re not saying that we’re very hyped up about the fall season, but we are! Now that most of the Jordan Fall lineup dropped, it’s time for the Yeezy September release lineup. The kicks scream autumn-ish vibes fam! So if you’re ready to embrace the holiday season early on, you Read More

Best yeezys - colorways and silhouettes

Best Yeezys – Our Favorite Colorways of Every Silhouette!

Today’s discussion is gonna be really different, but if you’re a sneakerhead, then you’ll definitely enjoy it! I’m gonna rank my favorite colorways from all the previous Yeezy silhouettes. Now I’m not saying that these are the best Yeezys out there, I just think they are! So if you don’t Read More

Yeezy Light 2021

Yeezy Light Is Much More Than Just Another White 350!

Okay, we know what you’re thinking now. It’s probably something along the lines of “enough with the white Yeezys!” We understand that sometimes it feels like too much, but we promise, this pair is worth your time. Kanye is famous for giving his Yeezys awesome names, and this one is Read More

Yeezy Day 2021

Yeezy Day 2021 Apparently Has a Lot in Store for Us!

Yeezy Day is imminent! And with Kanye West living in the Mercedes Benz stadium until Donda drops, we can barely wait. But let’s focus on the important things first. If you’re new to the game you gotta be wondering what’s Yeezy Day. And what do we know about the 2021 Read More

Yeezy Boots - Donda Album

Yeezy Boots, Kanye West, and Donda Wreak Havoc Online!

2021 is certainly a spicy year on all fronts. From music to fashion, to sneakers, Kanye West ain’t leaving much to imagination! The day he hosted that listening party, fans all around the world went crazy. But besides the sick beats, we’re all ready for Ye to bless us with, Read More

New Yeezy Foam Runner 2021

The New Yeezy Foam Runner Colorways Will Rock Your World!

Despite the heat, July is a pretty chill sneaker month! Although there are fewer releases than usual, we still have some lit kicks to look out for. And the new Yeezy Foam Runner colorways are certainly on our hype lineup! Now after all the fake Foam Runner lawsuit drama, we Read More

Fake Yeezys Lawsuits

Fake Yeezys Are on Top of Our List of Most Epic Lawsuits!

It seems like 2021 and controversies are going hand in hand! But you know you struck a nerve when it’s about fake Yeezys. Usually, a lawsuit follows fake sneakers and apparel like a shadow. So, if you’re looking for some juicy lawsuits and legal drama, you’re in the right place! Read More

Foam Runner Alternatives 2021

Foam Runner Dupes – Take on the Summer in Style Baby!

The season is hot, and so are sneaker releases. But one staple in our wardrobe is “something comfy for the beach”, don’t you agree? And a silhouette that we all wanna flex our sneakerhead status on the beach in is the Yeezy Foam Runner! However, it’s easy to miss out Read More

Yeezy 450 Dark Slate 2021

Yeezy 450 Dark Slate – A Volcanic Eruption of Drip!

It’s always cool to get a new Yeezy, no matter what people say. They might say that after the Blue Tints, Yeezys are dead, but we beg to disagree! Proof of that is the brand new Yeezy 450 silhouette. Although sometimes the first colorway of a new silhouette is the Read More