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Best proxies for websites

Looking for the Best Proxies? Here’s THE Guide of Guides!

Okay so, if you got here, then you definitely know your way around the basics. Maybe you even got your first bot! But just in case you haven’t, we have the best sneaker bots of 2021 here. Now the next step before drop day is to stack up the best Read More

Best Proxy Providers in 2021

Top 5 Proxy Providers of 2021 – All You Need to Know!

The holy trinity of sneaker botting is a sneaker bot, sneaker proxies, and sneaker servers! So when one of these is missing, you’re kinda lowering your chances at a successful cookout. But if you wanna boost your chances, you better keep on reading! Today, we’re gonna discuss the best proxy Read More

Best Supreme Proxies in 2021

Supreme Proxies – The Best Combo to Own That Awesome Drop!

The season just ended, and a new one is just around the corner. This season you barely copped, and the items you wanted went out of stock almost immediately. So what are you doing wrong? Maybe you’re trying to cop manually, or you even ran a bot but still no Read More

What are the best shopify proxies

Best Shopify Proxies to Cop the Sneakers of Your Dreams!

Welcome to another episode of your favorite sneaker proxies roundup! The sneaker industry is getting more competitive by the minute. Sneakerheads and sneaker collectors are getting more creative when they cop, but so are sneaker retailers. So if you wanna successfully cop those sneakers, you’ll have to invest in the Read More

ISP proxies - sneaker proxies

ISP Proxies Are The Key to a Successful Cop – Find Out Why!

Who said you can’t get the best of both worlds? Well, we certainly think you can, especially in the sneaker industry. In this line of work, you gotta be the first to get the hottest hype sneakers on release day! And in 2021, you’ll definitely need a sneaker bot before Read More

Datacenter proxies 2021

Datacenter Proxies – Here’s Why You Need Them to Cop!

If you’re paying attention to our blog lately, then you probably know that we’re on a proxy spree! And today is the day we discuss datacenter proxies and why you need them to start copping. We all know that a sneaker bot, no matter how powerful, won’t be successful without Read More

residential proxies - what are they

Residential Proxies – All You Need to Know About Them!

If you’re here, then you’re over general talk and wanna get right down to business. You also probably already know that there are different types of proxies. We got data center, ISP, residential, and Captcha proxies. But now we’re gonna focus on residential proxies and explain everything there is to Read More

footsites proxies

The Easy Footsites Proxies Guide: How to Cop Like a Pro!

So now you know what Footsites are, but still not sure how to go on about your business? No problem! Today, we’re going to check out Footsites proxies, aka an essential part of your copping business. They’re the heart and soul of your botting experience, aside from the sneaker bot Read More

sneaker bot cooking guide new

A Sneaker Bot Guide For Great Cooking

New to the industry? Need some freshening up? It doesn’t matter, because we’ve got everything you might need! From a little sneaker bot intro, to how to have the best setup, we got it all here. Don’t worry though, we’re gonna go through everything, even the whys. So let’s take Read More