Nike Toasty Is Bringing Comfortable Heat with It in 2021!

by: Tilda
September 18, 2021

Nike Toasty Is Bringing Comfortable Heat with It in 2021!

It’s a new day, with new sneaker news! And when sneakers and sustainability cross paths, we can’t help but ride the wave. After knowing where are Nike shoes made and the controversy about it all, we were left wondering. However, the Swoosh is taking the sustainability road and dropping a huge collection for the “Move to Zero” movement. So let’s check out the upcoming Nike Toasty collection and why it’s a must-have!

Nike Toasty Collection 2021

What Is the Nike Toasty Collection?

The new Nike Toasty pack is a very interesting take on the Move to Zero project. I mean, it’s not a project as much as a whole movement. With “Move to Zero”, Nike aims to have zero carbon emissions and waste. From Space Hippies to the Craters in 2020, we absolutely dig the efforts. But now, the sneaker giant will take sustainability in a pretty… toasty path! Nike Toasty includes a pretty wide range of silhouettes and colorways. That’s an additional point for the collection over the older attempts.

Nike Toasty Dunks: The High ‘N’ Lows

So, the star silhouette of this collection is definitely the Nike Dunk. From the highs to the lows, we totally love all the looks we’re gonna get. First off, we got three new colorways of the Nike Dunk High! One is an all-pink Nike Dunk LX, the second is a pretty nice creamy pair of Highs. And finally, we have a really nice mish-mash of fall colors with the oil green, beige, white, and black Nike Dunk High LX. The three pairs feature fleece sock liners, with the Move to Zero logo on the tongues.

Nike Dunk High Toasty

Now we move on to the low version of Dunks. These babies will come in two different colorways. The first is a pretty nice pair that features two different shades of blue. However, the second pair is killing it with a pretty awesome olive colorway. It would be pretty monochromatic if it wasn’t for the orange swoosh on the sides!

Nike Dunk Low Toasty

Nothing Like a Pair of Classic Air Force 1s!

We love it when Nike takes classic sneakers and pulls off crazy awesome new looks. But then again, is the Nike Toasty collection complete without one or two Air Forces, or more? Well, this collection is giving us three different colorways. The first comes in a mix of beige and brown while the second rocks different shades of olive. They both give an awesome quilt vibe, so no regrets there.

Nike Toasty air force 1

The last colorway though is an absolute fav. We love an all-black colorway and the fleece on the inside actually gives a winter sneaker aura to it. The white midsole sits on a grey speckled outsole that kinda reminds us of the awesome Space Hippies. So if we personally had to choose between these three, this would be on top!

A Dash of Blazers is Definitely Welcome

Whether you’re a mid or low-top person, we got just the thing for you. We’re gonna get two colorways of the Blazer Mid 77, the first in olives, and the second pretty creamy. The low-top Nike toasty Blazer will come in a mix of off-whites and browns. So if you’re thinking of going to a muddy place in these, you gotta think again.

Nike Toasty Blazers

Nike Toasty Makes Us Think of Cozy Winter Nights

Talk about winter sneakers with a vibe. These babies have no exact release date yet, but they’re dropping sometime in 2021. So, with almost 3 months left of the year, we expect them to drop right before the weather gets colder, or during! So make sure you get your sneaker bot ready because these are must-haves. Not every day do we get to contribute to the environment while looking pretty stylish! Stay tuned to our blog for the latest release info about these babies! Godspeed 🔥