Jordan 2 Chicago – The Most Popular Underdog Is Back!

by: Tilda
November 17, 2022

Jordan 2 Chicago – The Most Popular Underdog Is Back!

Let’s face it; the sneaker industry wouldn’t be what it is today without Air Jordans. But even within the Air Jordan legacy, some silhouettes don’t get as much attention as others. And that’s exactly what happened to the second silhouette. So today, we’re gonna take a dive into the history of the silhouette and its awesome comeback! We’ll also check out the upcoming Jordan 2 Chicago and take a look at all the reasons you need it. But in case you wanna keep your options open, here’s a list of Black Friday deals that’ll come in handy!

Jordan 2 Chicago OG retro NSB

Jordan 2 Chicago – A Brief History of the Silhouette

How about we go all the way back to where it all started? Jordan Brand wasn’t officially a thing yet, and Michael Jordan was just a Nike endorsement deal. But little did the swoosh know that this rookie would change the industry with his kicks! The first installation in 1985 was the Air Jordan 1, and it exceeded everyone’s expectations in sales. So when 1986 rolled around, Bruce Kilgore wanted to design something memorable! And that’s how the Air Jordan 2 was born, but something went wrong along the way.

Why Did It Flop?

So we’re not gonna blame the design, although it’s not really the brightest silhouette out there. However, many other factors contributed to everyone dismissing the 2s. First off, Jordan 1s success kinda overshadowed the 2s. Secondly, Michael Jordan himself didn’t wear them a lot due to his foot injury. Fun fact: Did you know that MJ only missed 7 games in his 12-season run with the Bulls? Of course, we’re not counting the injury season here.

And third, the kicks were expensive for their time hitting the $100 threshold. But of course, that was because they were made in Italy with premium leather! And last but not least, the tragedy of lost molds hit, which led to retros not surfacing until 1994 and then 2004!

And Now, Jordan 2 Chicago Is Back Again!

There’s nothing like a pair of OGs to end our year on a high note. And Jordan 2 Chicago will be coming back for the first time ever since 1994! Mind you, the colorway made a reappearance in 2016 in its low cut. So if you’re thinking about completing your sneaker collection, here’s your chance. The kicks will feature a white leather upper with red and black details just like the OGs. Not only that, but they will come in OG form and OG packaging! Yay for the sneakerheads!

air jordan holiday 2022 jordan 2 chicago

Release Info

Jordan 2 Chicago will drop on December 30, 2022, literally ending the year with style. So if you want these babies, they’ll cost you $200 in retail. But don’t worry, for a $400 average resale value, you can make that money right back and more if you cop in bulk. So, if you want a piece of advice, try to go for multiples, one for the flex, and others for the flip!

Wanna Score the Long-Awaited Jordan 2 Chicago?

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