Invisible Friends NFT – My Best Friends Are Invisible!

by: Tilda
June 29, 2022

Invisible Friends NFT – My Best Friends Are Invisible!

The NFT industry is going through things. Call it market correction, call it market crash, what matters is that something is happening. That crash caused a major project filtration where the strongest would prevail. And one of the strong ones is the Invisible Friends NFT project. But how did it become this popular, and are they worth investing in today? Read on to find that out and know more about the project itself! And if that kinda thing interests you, here are some other projects we coveted:

What Is Invisible Friends NFT?

Invisible Friends NFT is a collection of 5,000 animated invisible characters. They were created by the Swedish animator Markus Magnusson. However, the project falls under the Random Character Collective. The RCC currently has three projects under its belt: SlimHoods, MoodRollers, and Invisible Friends in that order.

random character collective - invisible friends nft

People anticipated the Invisible Friends NFT collection excitedly. And apparently, the effect of the project was immediate on SlimHoods and Mood Rollers. How? Their value increased dramatically on platforms like OpenSea! Fast forward to February 23, 2022, and the collection dropped at a mint price of 0.25ETH. This is kinda expensive in comparison to other projects’ initial prices, but definitely worth it. Today, the floor price of our invisible friends is 3.25 ETH!

What’s the Most Expensive Invisible Friends NFT?

Invisible friends NFT - most expensive

You how the more rare an NFT is, the most expensive it’ll get, right? That also applies to the gold Invisible Friends NFT. On February 23, 2022, the 1-of-1 Golden Friend was sold through a charity auction on OpenSea. In addition to this one, the winner of the auction got 5 other unrevealed Invisible Friends. The Golden Friend ended up selling for a whopping 496.69 ETH (roughly $1.3 Million at time of auction). All the proceeds from that auction went to the RCC charity fund.

Kith for Invisible Friends

At this point, we shouldn’t be surprised at any kind of collaboration between brands. And obviously, Kith is taking the metaverse seriously. In fact, the brand dropped a collaborative Invisible Friends NFT collection that kinda bridged the gap between physical and digital goods! The 12 Kith Friends debuted styles from Kith’s Summer 2022 collection.

The owners of the nine 1/1 friends will get the physical wardrobe their friend is wearing! Meanwhile, the owners of the original Invisible Friends will get to own one of the three larger edition Kith Friends. That NFT will give them access to the Kith for Invisible Friends exclusive capsule collection that drops in February 2023! That’s not all though, because the edition pieces will evolve and change their clothes over time. You can read more about all the perks of the collab here.

Kith Friends

Invisible Friends Athletic Club

Who knew those invisible friends could help us make visible ones in real life? So on June 20, the most anticipated NFT event took place in New York. NFT.NYC is the leading NFT conference in the world. So if you’re looking for a community builder in the digital world, this is it. From the NFT Awards to more than 1500 speakers, it’s easy to get lost. However, the Invisible Friends NFT collection community found its way to the Athletic Club! 

Random Character Collective invited the community to attend the Invisible Friends Athletic Club. It took place in SOHO, New York from June 21st to 23rd 2022. The only requirement is that you should be an owner of any of the following NFTs:

  • Invisible Friends
  • Kith Friends
  • Mood Flipper
  • MoodRoller
  • SlimHood

Invisible friends NFT

The Future of Invisible Friends NFT

Why settle for 2D Invisible Friends if you can get them in 3D? In fact, according to the project’s roadmap, IF holders will be able to “wrap” their Friends into a 3D version. This is gonna happen by the end of Summer 2022. However, the roadmap says that this change will happen with a twist! We just gotta wait and see what will go down!

In addition to that, the project will expand to the physical world with new OG Friend toys for the 3D holders. There are no more details about this yet other than “HODL and you’ll find out!” Moreover, there will apparently be a whole new collection of Garbage Friends! They will potentially airdrop to IF holders, but there will also be ones for the non-holders. And finally, keep it locked on our blog for the latest updates on this collection and much much more! Godspeed 🔥