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Nike SNKRS accounts

Nike SNKRS Accounts – Your Every Nike Drop Essentials!

If you’re a die-hard sneakerhead, then you know the struggle of taking Ls on Nike SNKRS. Kinda leaves a bitter taste in your mouth even after a while. But if you really want something, quitting isn’t an option, thus we got Nike bots. However, winning Nike SNKRS needs more than Read More

Adidas Revenue in 2021 Jumped over Jumpman – A Case Study

2021 just ended, and the numbers poured in. The revenues in Q4 are here, and boy, things are happening! Some brands grew really well while others hit a little bump in sales. So today, we’re gonna find out who did what, and why all that happened. From how the Adidas Read More

Louis vuitton air force 1 2022

Louis Vuitton Air Force 1 – A Colorful High-End 2022 Collab!

The sneaker/streetwear industry and high-end fashion keep on closing the gap between each other. And one of the major players on that front was the late Virgil Abloh. He managed to turn streetwear into luxury, and make high-end fashion more accessible! And one of his last efforts was the Louis Read More

concepts nike air max new

Concepts Nike Is Back at It Again with a Colorful Collab!

2022 is just getting started, and that calls for some new collabs and sneaker releases! Luckily, we got so much going on, including a new Concepts Nike collaboration. The two brands aren’t really strangers, with several epic releases that we still talk about to this day. However, in 2022 seems Read More

Adidas fear of god collab

Adidas Fear of God – Will It Be As Hype As Nike’s Collab?

The sneaker industry is always changing, but one thing is certain. Sneaker collabs are always a positive mark for any brand! Well, unless you manage to butcher it and ruin all the hype. Anyway, today’s collab is a pretty exciting one, especially with all the story that went on behind Read More

how to style dunks

How to Style Dunks – The Ultimate Guide for Everyday Drip!

Hello, and welcome to another fashion segment! If you’re looking for some styling tips and tricks, we gotchu. We already covered how to wear your Yeezys and Jordans like a superstar. But did you ever stop and think about how to style Dunks? With all the Dunks that Nike dropped Read More

Nike Direct to consumer strategy

Nike Direct to Consumer – How Will That Affect Sneakerheads?

The sneaker industry has forever been standing on a few pillars. Air Jordans and their long rich history, Adidas’ Yeezys, and world-famous retailers. We owe it to these retailers for making sneakers more accessible from wherever you are in this world. The real world, not the virtual one where NFT Read More

Sneakers 101 - facts you should know

Sneakers 101 – Facts Every Sneakerhead Should Know!

Welcome, fellow sneaker enthusiasts, to the class you didn’t know you needed until now! Most of you consider themselves real sneakerheads, and today, you’ll put your knowledge to the test. How many of the facts we’ll serve will you get? Let’s find out together with our Sneakers 101 crash course! Read More

Nike History Full

Nike History – The Story Everyone Should Know by Heart!

Today, our story is bonfire-worthy! From a modest beginning of a dream to a brand the entire world knows, Nike did that. And if you ever wondered how Nike started the sneaker journey, we’re gonna answer that now! From a simple track runner to a massive brand with the biggest Read More

Travis Scott Astroworld disaster

Travis Scott Astroworld – Should Nike Take a Collab Break?

The music industry, and every related industry, are still feeling the devastation of what happened at the Astroworld festival. If you’re not following closely, you’ll fail to notice the storm that’s brewing between the lines. But then again, is there anything more important than human life at the end of Read More