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gaming sneakers

Gaming Sneakers – Xbox and PlayStation Go Head to Head?

It always goes down like this: the sneaker industry comes out of nowhere and leaves its mark on another industry. It happened in movies, music, series, and more! But if you’re invested in pop culture, then you know that gaming and the industry also go hand in hand. Who doesn’t Read More

Patta Air Max 1 2021 releases

Patta Air Max 1 – Catching Some Waves Even During the Fall!

We love sneakers that go into our hearts, and pockets, effortlessly. And the Patta Air Max 1 collaboration did exactly that! Remember how we discussed the Air Max comeback? We mentioned that Patta is a major player on the front line of the revival. Nike is proving us right with Read More

CDG Nike Foamposites

CDG Nike Is Bringing the Foamposites Back to Life!

We love a unique pair of kicks. And every time the CDG Nike partnership drops kicks, we get a taste of uniqueness! Let’s check out what the latest collaboration is about and why it’s bringing a silhouette back on the map. The Foamposite is one of the most slept-on silhouettes, Read More

Air Max 2021 Revival Nike

Air Max 2021 – Nike Shenanigans and Major Comebacks!

We said it once and we’ll say it again: 2021 is full of surprises! And the surprise comes in the shape of the Air Max 2021 releases. So the sneaker industry is pretty awesome, especially if you closely follow the trends that come and go. From bulky dad shoes to Read More

Nike Dunk High vs Low

Nike Dunk High vs Low – The Battle of the Greats!

Well hello there! Today, we’ve got one of the greatest face-offs we could ever do. If you’re an OG sneakerhead, then you’ll be as excited as we are about this. So back in 1985, Nike and Peter Moore blessed us with the amazing Nike Dunk High. But that’s barely the Read More

Nike Air Ship 2021

Nike Air Ship – Most Valuable Pair of Kicks in 2021?

Sneakers are a huge part of our culture, and they’ve been like that for decades now. And it usually starts somewhere, right? Well today, we’re gonna jump right into the past and check out where it all started for so many sneakerheads. It was right before the Air Jordan mega-takeover, Read More

Drake NOCTA nike hot step air terra

Drake NOCTA Nike Hot Step Air Terra Is Coming Soon!

Champagne Papi is the gift that keeps on giving. Last month we finally got the Certified Lover Boy album that we waited so long for. But if you’re a real member of Team Drizzy, you’ll wanna own everything he leaves his mark on. And this time, it seems to be Read More

Georgetown dunks 2021

Georgetown Dunks Are Bringing College Spirit to the Table!

Nike’s back at it with the college kicks! Well, in their defense, we know it’s gonna be really good, and it totally is. So Dunks came back to the spotlight a couple of years ago and stayed there. Well, they’re probably not going anywhere any time soon. And now, we’re Read More

Nike Toasty Collection 2021

Nike Toasty Is Bringing Comfortable Heat with It in 2021!

It’s a new day, with new sneaker news! And when sneakers and sustainability cross paths, we can’t help but ride the wave. After knowing where are Nike shoes made and the controversy about it all, we were left wondering. However, the Swoosh is taking the sustainability road and dropping a Read More

Supreme dunk High 2021

A Supreme Dunk High Is Coming and We’ll Get It By Any Means

Supreme and Nike Dunks became pretty synonymous since 2003. Their collabs have been nothing short of awesome. Some people also consider them the definition of hype sneakers! So let’s get a bit honest, the excitement hit the roof when we heard of new kicks. And not just any kicks, the Read More