The Thriving Market of Fake Sneakers: Should We Worry?

by: Tilda
January 30, 2021

The Thriving Market of Fake Sneakers: Should We Worry?

In today’s world, so many people are obsessed with brands and brand names. Not everyone can afford brand apparel though, and that’s when fakes come into play. Want a Gucci bag but can’t really spare $2,000? You could get a counterfeit for about $50. So where are we going with this example? We just wanna get to the fact that the fake sneakers market exists, and they’re a big thing. Let’s get to know the secondhand market and how it affects everything else!

Fake Sneakers 2021

How Big is the Fake Sneakers Market?

Now that’s an interesting bit. The market of fake sneakers is worth $450 billion. That’s a bit more than the sneaker market itself! But why did it grow that big? The answer isn’t as simple as you’d imagine. Some people get tricked into buying fake kicks, that’s true, but definitely not the only reason. Another big participating factor is the resale market. Oh, and the sneaker industry itself! First of all, the sneaker industry has been playing the exclusivity card for a long long time. Companies like Nike and Adidas discovered this power source and totally cashed in on it. The rest of the work was done by the buyers! Let’s say, a person managed to get Yeezy 350 V2 Beluga when it dropped in 2016. They could flip it for $1000+ today! 

Fake Yeezy Beluga

Now, say an ordinary person, not necessarily a sneakerhead, wants a Beluga because it looks good. They probably won’t be down to drop 1K for a pair of kicks on the secondary market. And here come fake sneakers into the game. Although high-end replicas are not “cheap” by every meaning of the word, they’re definitely cheaper. So dropping $200 on a high-end pair of Yeezys is definitely better than paying 5x the price. The same goes for Nike and Jordan sneakers!

Who Makes These Replicas?

China has been long famous for making extremely good replicas of high-end goods. Whether you want bags, apparel, or sneakers, you can find it all! I mean, who doesn’t like a pair of Abidas or Mike? Jokes aside though, you can find some really hard-to-catch fake sneakers if you know where to look!

Fake Sneakers Warrn Lotas

On the other hand, we’ve got so many “companies” that are dropping “authentic original” sneakers. And by that, we mean an exact replica of Jordan 1 but without the swoosh. So really, thank you Peter Moore for being one of the most copied sneaker designers today. We also clearly remember the latest Nike/Warren Lotas legal battle over Dunks! So yeah, fake sneakers could come under many names, even if they’re not marketed as authentic. Some designs could be misleading themselves, so really, it’s a really fickle business!

How to Avoid Getting “Sneakerfished”

Took an L on a certain release and decided to go for it on the aftermarket? We’ve got a couple of tips for you! These are questions that you need to ask yourself before making any purchase. And they actually apply to different industries, not just fake sneakers.

Is the Price Normal?

You found a Yeezy V2 Static Black for $150? You can bet your a$$ that it’s a fake. Finding Yeezys for under retail isn’t impossible, but you gotta know which to look for. This is why we recommend doing your research before you buy from the resale market.

How to catch Fake Sneakers 2021

Know Your Resellers

Before you take the risky step of buying sneakers from the secondary market, you should know the seller. Some websites have authority today and you can rest easy when you buy or resell kicks there. And if you’re buying off of other platforms, make sure you’re going for trustworthy sources. Usually, legit checks and reviews can pinpoint you in the right direction.

Legit Check Kicks Yourself

If you’re checking out some kicks off the resale market, make sure you ask for more pictures. That way, you can check if these are fake sneakers or not. If you’re not an expert, you can actually find these services online too! The internet is truly a wonderful place.

Will the Fake Sneakers Market Survive?

As long as sneakers are in demand and unattainable to all, fake sneakers are here to stay. If you don’t mind wearing replicas and don’t care about your sneakerhead rep, then by all means do it. However, if you don’t wanna fall prey to sneaker forgers, make sure you stay alert. Another option would be buying kicks for their respective websites, for retail. But you won’t be able to get hype kicks without a sneakerbot. And here’s where NSB will come in handy. It’s one of the oldest sneaker bots in the game, and still is one of the best!