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Virgil abloh designs

Are the Virgil Abloh Designs Losing Their Magic Lately?

Virgil Abloh rose to fame as the creative mind behind high-end street fashion, along with friend Kanye West. However, he infiltrated the sneaker industry through Nike. We are not going to forget the Ten collab anytime soon. But one wonders after all this success: Do Virgil Abloh designs still have Read More

Sneaker Bots Best of Both Worlds

Sneaker Bots Can Give You The Best of Both Worlds

The sneaker industry is growing as big as ever. But with big industries come great competitions! That’s why when you’re going in for a cop you experience a mix of stress and excitement. However, the experience becomes even better when you use sneaker bots. They also help you turn a Read More

sneaker reselling - 5 benefits to know

5 Benefits You Didn’t Know About Sneaker Reselling

sSo the last couple of years have been kinda tough for everyone. However, some people managed to secure side hustles and an extra income that made life easier. For those who didn’t yet, we’re gonna check out all the reasons to hop on the sneaker reselling train! Beware though, reselling Read More

who should start a sneaker reselling business

Who Should Start A Sneaker Reselling Business?

According to financial studies, we can expect the sneaker market size to reach $95.14 billion by 2025. But not every sneakerhead is in it for the same reason. While some are fond of flexing their kicks, others are interested in reselling them. The sneaker reselling market is valued at $1.2 Read More

How To Cop Sneakers The Smart Way?

Technology slithered its way into everything in our lives. And it’s about time for sneakerheads to start using smart copping in the sneaker world too. Manual copping is very hard and relying on it to grow your sneaker reselling business is a losing bargain. When copping an L, it’s either Read More

Top 9 reselling platforms for Yeezys

Sell Your Adidas Yeezy Boost – 9 Awesome Reselling Platforms

In the past few years, the sneaker reselling market grew pretty fast. And there’s no doubt it’s a great option if you’re looking for some extra cash on the side. Some resellers made it far enough into the industry to have celebrity clients! And if you wanna be sure that Read More

Where to Buy Sneakers… and Resell Them Real Fast!

Where to buy sneakers? Where to do business? We’re asking the real questions. Copping sneakers is not always the trickiest part of building your reselling empire. It’s actually the easiest if you have the right set of skills and tools. It’s what comes after copping that needs the most research Read More

reselling sneakers 4d

5 Ways to Make it BIG in Sneaker Resell

Buying limited sneakers online may be a blood-pumping adrenaline-rushing pastime for some sneakerheads, but for others, it’s a demanding 24/7 job. Said others make their living through sneaker resell. Sometimes they’re just one sale away from paying their next rent. If you want to get into the world of reselling sneakers, Read More