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Top 6 sneakers in movies

Sneakers in Movies – 6 Times Sneakers Shaped Pop Culture

Imagine watching a movie, and seeing the main character wearing the same kicks you have at home! Feels pretty great, right? You feel like the movie is personally touching you. And that’s how iconic sneakers in movies can be. From a simple passer-by to a shift in pop culture, the Read More

Jordan 4 Shimmer New

Jordan 4 Shimmer – Women’s Kicks with a Dash of Virgil!

Here we are once again, still discussing the Jordan Fall lineup of 2021! And this time, we’re looking at a women’s exclusive release. After all, the ladies are getting more and more into the industry and deserve the right representation. And Aleali May definitely agrees with her upcoming Jordan 14 Read More

Jordan 4 Lightning August 2021

Jordan 4 Lightning – An Electrifying Pair Since 2006!

2021 is just the gift that keeps on giving, isn’t it? Classic 00’s and 90’s colorways are making strong comebacks like there’s no tomorrow. And don’t get us wrong, new and old sneakerheads alike are grateful for this. And if Air Jordan has anything to offer, it’s hot classics. Jordan Read More

How Do Jordan 1s Fit… and Some More Silhouettes too!

So here you are, about to land your first pair of Air Jordan 1 and feeling the excitement! However, something is bugging you in the back of your mind. There are no physical stores where you can try on your first pair so you’re left with speculation. So before you Read More

Jordan 4 Oreo Release

Jordan 4 Oreo Is Definitely Our Favorite Snack This Season!

We haven’t had a pair of sneakers this yummy since the Chunky Dunky! And we totally have a sweet tooth to releases like that. If you’re an Air Jordan aficionado, then you seriously need to cop the upcoming Jordan 4 Oreo! But just in case you’re not a fan of Read More

Union Air Jordan 4 Tent and Trail

Union Air Jordan 4 Comes Back With a Tent and Trail!

Less than a year apart, and the hype is as strong as ever. We know that Union Los Angeles and Air Jordan have a rich history. From their iconic Air Jordan 1s to last year’s AJ4, we can’t help but love everything they put out! And in 2021, the Union Read More

Jordan 4 Taupe Haze

Jordan 4 Taupe Haze Comes with An Underlying Easter Egg!

Apparently, neutral tones aren’t only Yeezy’s specialty! Although we loved their 2020 Neutral Lineup, 2021’s stars are Nike and Air Jordan so far. Could that be because Kanye’s muse is absent among the divorce hassle? We shouldn’t think too far ahead though, Kanye might surprise us, he’s no stranger to Read More

Orange Jordan 13 Starfish

The New Orange Jordan 13 Kicks Off the Year with a Pop of Color!

Did you ever think about how some colors become a part of the culture? Well, that’s certainly true with Jordan sneakers. The new Orange Jordan 13 is totally proof of that. It reminds us of an awesome colorway while keeping the silhouette’s essence going. So let’s check out Jordan 13 Read More

Union Jordan 4 color block

Union Jordan 4 Kicks Take Color Blocking to Level 2!

It’s finally happening! After braving through Twitter teasers in January 2020, we’re finally getting the real deal. The Union Jordan collaboration is back to rock the industry. And if you wanna know why we love collabs, you should take a look at the Air Jordan history! So let’s take a Read More

jordan 4 metallic pack

What to Know about the Jordan 4 Metallic Pack Release!

News about the upcoming Air Jordan 4 Metallic Pack is all over the sneaker industry. I mean, who doesn’t like having white kicks on summer days? That’s why Jordan Brand isn’t dropping one, but four new Jordan 4s to choose from! This is one of the highly-anticipated drops of the Read More