The Prada Adidas Collab Is Back in Three Colorways!

by: Tilda
September 4, 2020

The Prada Adidas Collab Is Back in Three Colorways!

Today’s kicks are coming all the way from Italy, once again! And if it says anything, it’s that the silhouette underwent a fashion makeover. Not from anywhere though, from one of the five capitals of fashion: Milan. The collab started in 2019 and is extending to 2020. So let’s take a look at the upcoming colorways of the Prada Adidas partnership right now!

Prada Adidas 2

The Beginning of Prada Adidas

It only took Adidas one teaser in November 2019  to send the crowds off in a wave of excitement! An Adidas shoebox inside a Prada bag? Naturally, something big was cooking and the sneaker industry was all hyped up.

Later that same month, the brand introduced us to the upcoming collaboration, and news started leaking. The first drop from this partnership included a pair of plain white Superstars and a pretty fancy bowling bag. However, it wasn’t your usual pair of Adidas Superstar! “The partnership to begin a partnership” took the kicks’ production to Italy. The Prada Adidas Superstar came in a premium all-white leather. The focus in this pair was on the detailings of both brands’ logos on the tongue, insole, and side panels!

Prada Adidas Superstar

Meanwhile, the Prada Adidas bowling bag’s silhouette is inspired by Prada’s classic bowling bag and the Adidas gym bag. The bag came in the same white premium leather. The limited-edition release was indeed limited to 700 pieces only and dropped on December 4, 2019. And such an exclusive high-end release calls for extravagant resale values. You can actually find the Prada Adidas Superstar on resale platforms for about $2,000. Meanwhile, the pack with both items resells for at least $4,500!

Prada Adidas Pack 2019

Why Adidas Superstar?

There were so many silhouettes that Prada and Adidas could have chosen for the remake. Why did they choose the Superstar? Naturally, because the Superstar reflects the new streetwear generation while having a huge legacy. You see, Adidas Superstar kicked off in 1969 as a basketball shoe. Later on, the hip-hop band Run DMC made a fashion statement with the kicks! So it’s only natural for a brand as prestigious as Prada to choose such kicks for the Prada Adidas collab!

Run DMC Adidas Superstar

Prada Adidas 2020

After the success of the first release, the Prada Adidas partnership is picking up where it left off. Both giants are continuing the legacy with not one, but three new colorways of the Superstar! Well, not really new to the Superstar line as a whole, but new to the collaboration. The detailing is the same as the girl installation, with different colorways. The first pair will feature the classic of the classic colorways: the white leather and black three stripes. The other pair will come in a metallic silver upper and white stripes. Finally, the last pair will be an all-black premium leather pair of Prada Adidas Superstars.

Prada Adidas Colorways

Release Info

The three new colorways of Prada Adidas Superstars will drop on September 8, 2020, and each will retail for $500. This is a bit more expensive than your regular Superstars, but a resale value of about $1,700 can change a person’s mind!

How Is the Public Reacting to Prada Adidas 2.0?

Now here’s the saucy part of it all. We can’t deny how exciting the Prada Adidas collaboration is, it’s pretty awesome. However, we couldn’t help feeling a bit of disappointment at the result of the collab. People expected the first high-end collaboration to be groundbreaking, but it wasn’t. And this sentiment seems to persist during the second installation of the Prada Adidas partnership. Some even went on and compared Prada Adidas to Air Dior!

Even if that’s the case, the sneakers will sell out and will resell for several times their original value. And if you wanna snag a pair, you’ll find them on, Prada stores, and select sellers.