NFT Bots – There’s A Lil Something for Everyone Here!

by: Tilda
February 23, 2022

NFT Bots – There’s A Lil Something for Everyone Here!

The virtual world of NFTs is getting bigger by the minute. The metaverse is growing, and so are all the markets in there! Because who doesn’t wanna sip a virtual drink while lying on a virtual beach… and pay lots of money to do that? But today we’re not here to talk about that. We’re actually here to discuss how people are making money with NFTs! The secret partly lies in them being business savvy, while the other part lies with NFT bots. Yes, that’s a thing now. So if you’re still not familiar with all that, allow us to go into details!

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The 4 S’s – Different Types of NFT Bots!

Before we get into the types, we gotta talk about why NFT bots exist in the first place. Well, in short, bots are everywhere, and it was a matter of time before the NFT market got its share. In a $40 Billion market, bots will naturally become a thing. After all, where the money goes, the bots go. Why put the effort manually if you can get a bot to do the scut work? However, you gotta know what type of NFT bot you need to get your game going. Rest easy though, we got you covered because we’ll list them right now!

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Scalper Bots

We’re gonna start with the easiest of the four! A scalper bot is pretty similar to a ticket bot in what it does. Check out what it’s all about and more here. But in short, a scalper bot goes to a website and buys in mass the NFT (or item) you want. And then, when the item sells out, you put it on the aftermarket and sell for much higher prices! Although sometimes unethical, scalper bots aren’t really illegal, to the chagrin of many.

Scalper nft bots

Sniper Bots

Sounds like something out of a 007 movie, and with the technique they go for, they almost could be! Sniper bots are pretty sneaky, especially when it comes to NFTs. You see, NFT bots sometimes operate within a time limit, especially during auctions. So, a sniper bot goes into timed auctions and places a bid at the latest possible time. That way, it manages to get the item without anyone having the time to outbid it! Kinda smart if you think about it. Why? Because if nobody outbids you, it means that you got the item for the lowest price… kinda.

sniper bots

Spinner Bots

Now this one’s a bit tricky. When you’re online shopping, you go and add the item you want to the cart, and proceed to checkout. Spinner bots do the exact same process without actually checking out. Okay, let’s take it step by step. A spinner bot goes into the store, puts the item in the cart, and leaves it there. This gives the illusion that the item is not available anymore. The person using the bot lists that same item on the resale market for more! Once the item has a buyer on the secondary market, the bot proceeds to check out on the main site.

spinner nft bots

If the item doesn’t get any buyers, well, they can just jump ship and leave the item! But you’re probably asking how can you keep an item for a long time without it expiring in the cart? Well, that’s where the “spin” comes into play. The spinning process prevents the cart from timing out, securing extra time for the person! A pretty neat trick that can come in handy, especially since NFTs are pretty exclusive and rare. You can read more about this here.

Spoofing Bots

This is the sneakiest of them all, and it goes beyond NFT bots. Spoofing is a type of market manipulation. You’re basically tricking the market that nobody really wants this item. And when nobody really wants that item anymore, you can just lowball it and get it for a lower price. On the other hand, sellers can use that same technique in reverse! Convince the people that demand is really high on this item, and watch how its value increases.

spoofing nft bots

Although that sounds pretty tempting, it’s illegal in financial markets. However, the NFT market is still kinda new, and you can’t really tell if it’s a bot or the NFT isn’t really worth it yet. We’re gonna have to wait and see how the market control will spin out!

What Are the Best NFT Bots Around Today?

Let’s be fair here. The NFT market is still new and experimental in a way. So to classify the best NFT bots so soon wouldn’t do anyone justice. However, some bots are already around and they’re making their way through the NFT market. Some of these names are Platinum AIO, Breeze AIO, NFT Thunder, MetaMint, NFTY Bot, and Quantum IO. If you wanna go into this venture, these are the better options so far.

However, if you’re not really sure and wanna go into a currently safer business, why not try sneaker reselling? Besides the awesome benefits, you can develop your botting knowledge with a sneaker bot! Trying to catch the most exclusive kicks is no easy feat you know. If that sounds like a cool idea, make sure you check out this guide to know your botting ABCs! Godspeed 🔥