Jordan 11 Citrus – A Retro That Feels So Fresh So Clean!

by: Tilda
April 30, 2021

Jordan 11 Citrus – A Retro That Feels So Fresh So Clean!

This summer looks and feels very fresh! And that’s a concept Jordan Brand is taking literally in SS21. Not only that, but the brand is also pushing women’s sneakers more than ever with all the hype drops! Today’s pair is also a retro and checks all the must-have boxes. So let’s check out why Jordan 11 Citrus is worth the effort you’ll put into it! But if you want a complete 11s sneaker collection, check out the upcoming Jordan 11 Legend Blue.

Air Jordan 11 Citrus

Jordan 11 Citrus Screams Early 00’s!

Today we’re time traveling all the way back to the early 2000s. That’s when JB started tinkering (pun intended) with new non-OG colorways! Remember the CO.JP Jordan 1 colorways? Yeah, some colorways made an impact even if they didn’t drop in the OG year and MJ didn’t rock them. Jordan 11 Citrus did exactly that in 2001 with its pretty smooth look!

Jordan 11 citrus 2001

In fact, Jordan 11 Citrus was lowkey a cultural reset! Why? Because it was the first Jordan 11 to feature outsoles that weren’t icy, black, or red! It came in a very attractive citrus shade on an all-white upper. I mean, that’s enough to make the guys jealous, isn’t it? It’s super easy to style and seriously awesome-looking! Today, the 2001 pair resells for $555!

An Interesting 2015 Return

14 years! It took JB 14 years to bring back the lit Jordan 11 Citrus! But it wasn’t a women’s Jordan, not even an adult pair. It was actually a Grade School Citrus! It kept the same details as the women’s edition, but with smaller sizes. Although GS pairs aren’t usually worth a lot, this one resells for $500 on average! The moral of the story here is that investing in different sizes could be beneficial sometimes.

2021 Brings Back Jordan 11 Citrus!

Exactly 20 years after its initial release, Jordan 11 Citrus is coming back. It features all the cool details along with the famous OG carbon fiber plate! So really, why would you not wanna cop? The kicks will drop on May 6, 2021, for $185. If you’re wondering whether Jordan 11 Citrus is worth the money, it totally is!

Jordan 11 Bright Citrus

Jordan 11 Citrus currently resells for an average of $400, so imagine copping multiples! The pair will drop on Nike, Footsites, and select retailers. So you’ll need a powerful sneaker bot to do some magic and increase your chances at a W!

Jordan 11 citrus 2021

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