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Aleali May Jordan 14 Fortune

The New Aleali May Jordan Highlights a Great Silhouette!

2021 has lots of sneaker collaborations to offer, and possibly a little too many. However, every once in a while you get a sneaker drop that others just can’t compete with! And sometimes, the collaborators themselves create unimaginable buzz. So what makes Aleali May a special collaborator? And why is Read More

Jordan 1 Seafoam 2021

Jordan 1 Seafoam – Relaxing Vibes Right at Your Feet!

Ladies, if you can’t go out and chill, bring the chill to you! Who doesn’t like the sound and scent of the sea? It just automatically brings an air of serenity with it. So why not have that feeling right at your feet, and look good in the process? Jordan Read More

Black Jordan 12 Utility 2021

The Black Jordan 12 Utility Merges Sustainability With Drip!

Jordan’s fall lineup for 2021 is certainly living up to our expectations. And the brand is famous for taking things further and going the extra mile. So how did they do that with the upcoming black Jordan 12 Utility? We’ll find out in a bit. In the meantime, you can Read More

Jordan 13 Obsidian 2021

Jordan 13 Obsidian – Because Blue Never Looked Better!

The Air Jordan hype game is pretty strong, but at the same time, we tend to underappreciate some silhouettes. One of these silhouettes is the Air Jordan 13. But lately, we’re appreciating and giving proper love to some hot colorways! If you didn’t catch any of them, you can chill Read More

Travis Scott Jordan 1 Fragment

Travis Scott Fragment Jordan 1 – 3 Reasons to Cop!

Have you ever heard of a mashup of brands and thought “that’s not gonna end well”? Surprisingly, that doesn’t apply to the upcoming Travis Scott Fragment Jordan 1 collab! The kicks are a combo of Fragment’s streetwear feel, Cactus Jack’s hype, and an iconic silhouette. So you could say the Read More

Jordan 1 Pollen 2021

Jordan 1 Pollen – Never Too Allergic for a Serious Flex!

Well, dropping this pair at the beginning of the spring season would have been a perfect irony. But we can’t always get what we wish for, can we? So despite the timing, we’re still incredibly excited for the upcoming Jordan 1 Pollen! After all, it’s one of our favorite pairs Read More

Jordan 36 Tokyo Olympics

Jordan 36 Makes Serious Statements in the Tokyo Olympics!

We’re less than 10 days away from the Tokyo Olympics, and it’s the gift that keeps on giving. From new competitions making it to the sports roster to awesome sneakers, we’re all here for it. Did you check out the awesome Nike SB Dunk Olympics lineup? I mean, if these Read More

Jordan 12 Twist 2021

Jordan 12 Twist – The Cherry On Top of the Fall Collection!

This fall, the Air Jordan lineup is really not chillin’ at all! But sometimes, a certain pair lowkey catches your eye more than others. And that’s exactly what’s happening with the very interesting Jordan 12 Twist! Why will these kicks be worth your time and copping effort? Well, if you Read More

Electro Orange Jordan 1 2021

The New Electro Orange Jordan 1 Is Definitely Worth Your While!

We love colorful summer sneakers. But when the Air Jordan fall lineup brings a lot of killer drops, it’s just like a second summer! I mean, honestly, fall is a second summer for many of us. But there’s always that one pair that pops with its awesome colors or design. Read More

How Do Jordan 1s Fit… and Some More Silhouettes too!

So here you are, about to land your first pair of Air Jordan 1 and feeling the excitement! However, something is bugging you in the back of your mind. There are no physical stores where you can try on your first pair so you’re left with speculation. So before you Read More