The New Yeezy Mono Pack Is A Fresh Take on the 350s!

by: Tilda
June 15, 2021

The New Yeezy Mono Pack Is A Fresh Take on the 350s!

2021 is the gift that keeps on giving amazing sneakers! And Kanye West, despite all the divorce drama, won’t leave his fans hanging to dry. This time though, we’re not getting just any Yeezys, we’re actually getting a full revamp! The new Yeezy Mono pack brings a breath of fresh air just in time for summer 2021. This summer promises to be better than last year, and so do the kicks! Well, they’ll definitely be better than the disappointing first half of 2021.

Yeezy Mono Pack 2021

Yeezy Mono Pack – An Innovative Take on Fan Favorites!

The upcoming Yeezy Mono pack is bringing 4 different colorways our way this month! But before we get into the details of the colorways, we gotta discuss the technologies on there. First off, the Boost tech in the soles isn’t going anywhere (thank heavens). You know, half the Yeezy 350 hype is in the midsole! But will the monofilament uppers outdo the primeknits?

So, what’s the Monofilament Mesh?

Alright, time for some details we’ll probably not talk about for the rest of the sneakers’ life. The monofilament, as the name suggests, is a mesh made of single threads. Think of it as weaving made of single threads that are usually made of nylon, aka synthetic material. Apparently, fishing lines are usually made of monofilament too! Well, the upside of this is that we know the kicks are durable.

yeezy mono pack - mesh upper

Another interesting bit is that this material isn’t really new to us. We previously saw it on the stripe of other Yeezy 350s like the Statics! That kinda blows your mind that we barely paid attention to this detail. Moreover, the upper will have an inner cage, probably for support, that gives a skeletal vibe to the kicks. Although we’re no strangers to cages and Yeezys, we usually see them on the outside like the QNTMs. So all-in-all the kicks come in a fresh look, but let’s hope the fit is as fresh as the look! 

Yeezy Mono Pack – Natural Elements At Their Best!

The upcoming Yeezy Mono pack will kickstart the line with 4 different earthy or natural element-inspired colorways. We got mist, cinder, ice, and clay in the pack. So you got the gist and where Kanye is obviously going with his train of thoughts. So let’s check them out and what we know about them so far!

Yeezy Mono Ice

The pair is freezing, yet it’s serving some pretty serious heat. The baby blue upper looks pretty nice along with the white midsole and laces! The whole colorway looks really serene and is pretty nice for the summer. The Yeezy Mono Ice will drop on June 24, 2021, for the usual $220. It’s worth noting that the retail price didn’t change. The question though is: did the production costs stay the same too? The pair resells for $700 on average and up to $1,000 if you’re lucky!

Yeezy Mono Pack - Ice

Yeezy Mono Mist

Although we’d expect a whiter colorway, the Mist 350s are kinda interesting with the shade of earth brown. The cage underneath and the side stripe feature a darker shade of brown. And finally, the gum sole completes the look. The kicks will drop alongside the Ice pair and retail for $220. However, this one resells for up to $1,900 making it a definite must-have!

Yeezy Mono Pack Mist

Yeezy 350 Clay Part 2?

Well, this takes us back to 201.! Are you looking for a replacement pair to mend your broken heart from missing on Yeezy 350 V2 Clay? Well, Yeezy Mono Clay is definitely it. The pair features a clayey tan upper, with a darker stripe and matching midsoles. With an average resale of $1,500, the pair is arguably the highlight of the Yeezy Mono Pack!

Yeezy Mono Clay

Yeezy Mono Cinder

Although Yeezy Mafia revealed the pair at the same time as the other three, it probably won’t drop with them. At least that’s how the rumors have it. On the other hand, the sneakers are pretty awesome and deserve an independent release date! Yeezy Mono Cinder currently resells for $1,900 on average. Will this value drop once the release date draws closer? Well, gotta wait and see!

Yeezy Mono Cinder

Yeezy Mono Pack Is A Must-Have in 2021

If any of these kicks drew your attention, then you better get ready. First, you’ll need a sneaker bot to cop, so here’s a list of 2021’s best sneaker bots so far! And if you already bought your first bot, check out this cooking guide for pointers in the right direction. This drop is already giving off an air of hype, and demand will definitely be high! So get your gear ready, and Godspeed 🔥