What You Should Know About Sneaker Brand Partnerships?

by: Tilda
April 11, 2019

What You Should Know About Sneaker Brand Partnerships?

What’s the deal behind sneaker collaborations?

The way the collaborations come into play in the sneaker world creates the hype for new releases. Brands take advantage of the fact that sneakerheads always want to have or wear what celebs, artists, athletes wear. And the bigger the collaboration the harder it is to cop, and the more likely you’ll need to use a sneaker bot.

Sneaker brand partnerships are standard tactics these days for innovation that create excitement and hype in the sneaker market. The whole purpose of sneaker collaborations is to create a unique entree into product design that would connect with new and wider audiences in an innovative way.

Well, two brains can drive innovation to another level.



Adidas- Artists

Adidas x Alexander Wang

Adidas x Beyonce

Adidas x Daniel Arsham

Adidas x Ferg Matchcourt

Adidas x Jam Master Jay

Adidas x Kanye West

Adidas x Kylie Jenner

Adidas x Mos Def

Adidas x Pharrell Wiliams

Adidas x Pusha T

Adidas x Selena Gomez

Adidas x Snoop Dog

Adidas- Brands

Adidas x Hender Scheme

Adidas x IKEA

Adidas x Neighborhood

Adidas x Opening Ceremony

Adidas x Palace

Adidas x Stella Mccartney

Adidas x Y-3 (Yohji Yamamoto)

Adidas- Athletes

Adidas x Angel Di Maria

Adidas x Bastian Schweinsteiger

Adidas x David Beckham

Adidas x Derrick Rose’

Adidas x James Harden

Adidas x James Rodriguez

Adidas x Jayson Werth

Adidas x Lionel Messi

Adidas x Luis Suarez

Adidas x Stan Smith

Adidas x Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Reebok- Artists

Reebok x Cam’ron

Reebok x Cardi B

Reebok x Jay Z

Reebok x 50 cent

Nike- Artists

Nike x Ali Chaaban (Lebanese artist)

Nike x De La Soul

Nike x Dizzee Rascal

Nike x DJ Premier

Nike x DJ AM

Nike x Kendrick Lamar

Nike x MF Doom

Nike x Nelly

Nike x N.E.R.D

Nike x Parra

Nike x Sean Wotherspoon

Nike x Slim Shady

Nike x Skepta

Nike x Thomas Campbell

Nike- Brands/ Labels

Nike x Comme des Garçons

Nike x Diamond Supply Co

Nike x Fear of God

Nike x Off-White

Nike x Roc-A-Fella Records

Nike x Undercover

Nike x VLONE

Nike- Athletes

Nike x Adrian Gonzalez

Nike x AJ Green

Nike x Cameron Jordan

Nike x Carl Crawford

Nike x Cristiano Ronaldo

Nike x Felix Hernandez

Nike x Joe Flacco

Nike x Justin Houston

Nike x Kevin Durant

Nike x Kevin Love

Nike x Kobe Bryant

Nike x Kyrie Irving

Nike x LeBron James

Nike x Maria Sharapova

Nike x Neymar

Nike x Rafael Nadal

Nike x Paul George

Nike x Roger Federer

Nike x Russell Westbrook

Nike x Sam Bradford

Nike x Serena Williams

Nike x Trent Williams

Nike x Troy Tulowitzki

Nike x Tiger Woods

Puma- Artists

Puma x Kylie Jenner

Puma x Rihanna

Puma x Selena Gomez

Puma- Athletes

Puma x Sergio Aguero


Beyonce featuring collaboration with Adidas

That’s not all!

The secret behind the major success of sneaker collaborations and sneaker brand partnerships is having two opposites. Not only in the sense that there’s a big brand and a small one but also recently in opposite political and personal views. 

The rule that two opposites attract also applies to the sneaker brand partnerships world. But it takes a smart move for the collaboration to be successful and better than others. For example, Adidas, known for its major sneaker partnership with Kanye West, recently partnered with Beyonce on the 4th of April, 2019. Is this German brand doing it on purpose by partnering with two opposites? It’s true that Beyonce and Kanye were best buds, but not anymore. The conflict nowadays is not only on the personal level with Kanye’s wife Kim Kardashian but also on a political level. Beyonce and her husband share a close relationship with Barack Obama and his wife Michelle, while Kanye is a Trump supporter.

The competition between Nike and Adidas

Adidas x Nike

You can talk about who you are as a brand all day long but having those partnerships to authenticate that message is really critical for every brand.

Swave Szymczyk, Adidas

Adidas was the fastest growing brand for the year 2017, with a 57% boost in brand value. The German brand creates partnerships to get ahead of others. So will 2019 witness a higher boost in brand value after the release of Beyonce’s first collection? Similar to Adidas, Puma has also found it successful by partnering with rappers and artists, currently having Jay-Z as the president and Rihanna as the Women’s Creative Director

The most successful sneakers partnership by far is the Nike x Michael Jordan, leading to the creation of the Jordan Brand. For over 30 years, the Nike subsidiary made massive success by endorsing the basketball legend Michael Jordan, while still keeping things fresh on an innovation level. The Jordan Brand in return collaborated with several artists and fashion brands including Off-White, Kaws, Travis Scott, and Union.

Nike and Adidas have been competing fiercely, can we imagine how it would be if they collaborate? What would a Nike x Adidas or Adidas x Jordan look like? How hype would the sneakers be? Some say that there is no use from a collaboration between two big brands.

Sneaker Reselling

Why do these collaborations matter?

Hyped sneakers are most wanted by sneakerheads because of the story or the legacy it represents, the feeling of inclusion in the cool crowd it gives or getting your hand on something very few people can. Some even get these sneakers for the sake of reselling them in such an expanding sneaker market ($1 Billion market). And it’s actually a very rewarding business.

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