Jordan 14 Hyper Royal Is the Nostalgic Pair We Need!

by: Tilda
September 12, 2020

Jordan 14 Hyper Royal Is the Nostalgic Pair We Need!

Today, we’re celebrating royalty, luxury, performance, with a dash of nostalgia. The Jordan 14 silhouette is the last pair worn on the court by Michael Jordan as a Bull. Although it’s not as popular as earlier pairs, we can’t ignore all the nostalgia the pair holds. And in fall 2020, we’re getting the royal edition of the kicks: the Jordan 14 Hyper Royal.

Jordan 12 Hyper Royal ferrari

What’s Common Between a Jordan 14 and a Ferrari?

Well, considering that the whole silhouette is inspired by Jordan’s Ferrari back in 98, we’d say everything! According to Tinker Hatfield’s sketch, the question was “shoe as car or car as shoe?” Guess we’ll never know the answer unless the man himself tells us. Another interesting fact about the Air Jordan 14 is that each shoe has 7 Jumpman logos. And a pair has two shoes so that adds up to, surprisingly, 14 Jumpman logos in total!

Jordan 14 Ferrari Inspired

No, but seriously now, the silhouette is truly similar to the sportscar’s design. First of all, there’s the Ferrari shield on the collar, but instead of the horse, it was the Jumpman! The second similarity is the side air vents that act as air conditioners. So if you have sweaty feet, that was the answer!

Jordan 14 Ferrari

Air Jordan 14 Hyper Royal 

In 2020, Jordan Brand is definitely going for the royal theme. We can still clearly remember the other two members of the royal family: Air Jordan 1 Royal Toe and Air Jordan 3 Royal Blue. And now, the youngest sibling comes in to maybe complete the 2020 royal series! The new Jordan 14 Hyper Royal features a white leather upper and white midsole. The teeth on the kicks will come in royal blue, along with the rear part of the midsole. A touch of black completes the look on the side vents and the tongue. So in my honest opinion, that’s a pretty classy and luxurious-looking pair of Jordans.

Jordan 14 Hyper Royal Look

Release Info

The upcoming Jordan 14 Hyper Royal will drop on September 19, 2020, and will retail for the usual $190! You should definitely set your eyes on these kicks for more than one reason. In addition to the drip you can flex when you style these Jordans, there’s the resale value! Jordan 14 Hyper Royal will go on resale platforms for up to $470! This might not look like much, but with NSB you could cop multiple pairs. The end result? KA-CHING baby!

Jordan 14 Hyper Royal

NSB Succeeds Wherever It Goes!

Are you worried about missing the Jordan 14 Hyper Royal? If you’ve got NSB by your side, there’s nothing to worry about! Our users are enjoying Supreme successes every week so far, and even copped successfully the Yeezy Peppers Reflective! So join the NSB fam and get your fair chance at copping this release, and every other release!