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Money Talk: How Much Are Yeezys Worth in 2020?

We’re already in Q4 of 2020. And it’s about time we did a quick check on how Yeezys are doing on the aftermarket! The Yeezy line is proof of the basic Supply-Demand law. When Yeezys were pretty exclusive, no one could match the hype. But when Yeezys flooded the market Read More

Yeezy Barium

Yeezy Barium Is Putting Us Right in Our Element!

It’s not really a good month without any Yeezy drops, don’t you think? That’s why Kanye West is treating us with a brand new Yeezy Quantum. After a long while of teasing and such, we’re finally getting some of the real deal! Forget about the false hopes of Yeezy Basketball Read More

Yeezy Quantum

Yeezy Quantum Makes a Comeback Sooner Than We Expected!

Yeezy Quantum is one of the 2020 sneakers that kept us wondering till the last minute. Kanye West chose to release the kicks on the All-Star weekend 2020 in Chicago, his hometown. Brandon Ingram, who was on team Giannis in the All-Star game, flexed his Yeezy Quantum on the court! Read More

Basketball Yeezys - Yeezy Quantum

The First-Ever Basketball Yeezys Are FINALLY Here: Yeezy Quantum!

Kanye just wants it all. Lifestyle sneakers are not his only goal. He wants to dominate every aspect of the sneaker industry. More than a year ago, we saw the first teaser for the first basketball Yeezys. Sneakerheads are impatiently waiting for Yeezy Quantum, and now we finally have a Read More