More Nike Collaborations But This Time It’s Kyrie x SpongeBob

by: Tilda
July 25, 2019

More Nike Collaborations But This Time It’s Kyrie x SpongeBob

Just when we think that sneakers copping couldn’t get more exciting this summer, Nike decides to release a Kyrie Spongebob collection. The NBA Superstar decided that it’s finally time for the SquarePants to show up on Nike kicks, and it’s not just one among the list of TV-themed collaborations that Kyrie Irving had previously mentioned to Complex. Irving is a big fan and he is not the only one who loves the underwater pineapple house.  We all get that smile going when we look at such a vibrant collection. They’re so cool that none of us would even go: what was he thinking? I mean the way we did with the Dragon Ball Z collaboration. 

Kyrie x Nike collaborations spongeBob

It’s not a coincidence that Kyrie decided on such a collaboration, and it’s surely not because of inspiration after launching the Lion King. Being a big fan of the series, he decided to design a whole collection in celebration of SpongeBob’s 20th Anniversary. Rumor has it that he quotes word-for-word some of her favorite episodes in the team’s training room. Nike collaborations with Friends show

It’s not the first time he creates a sneaker collection in honor of a TV show he likes. A Kyrie x Nike collaboration previously created a Nike Kyrie 5 featuring the TV show ‘Friends’ for the 15th anniversary of show’s finale. Among other t-shirts and caps in the collection, the kicks retailed at $130 when they dropped on the 16th of May. 


Kyrie x SpongeBob SquarePants Collection 

The 5 sneaker collection is dropping on the 10th of August with features of the widely watched underwater fictional cartoon series. Each of these colorful sneakers fairly represents the five main characters in the series SpongeBob, Patrick Star, Squidward, Mr. Krabs and Sandy Cheeks with their faces printed on the insole of each pair. 

Three of the iconic cartoon characters are represented on a Nike Kyrie 5 sneakers retailing for $130. While the other two are on a Nike Kyrie Low 2 sold for $110 as a retail price.

Where to buy the Kyrie x SpongeBob sneakers?

As confirmed by Nike and Nickelodeon, each of the five sneakers is releasing globally via the Nike SNKRS app at 10 am ET in adult and kids sizes. 

How eager are you to get the Nike of your most loved SpongeBob SquarePants character? 

If you’re interested in sneaker reselling, then hurry up and cop as many pairs because there are many SpongeBob fans out there. Especially kids and parents who would like to wear matching kicks.

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