Sean Wotherspoon Adidas Collab Reaches A SuperEarth!

by: Tilda
August 27, 2020

Sean Wotherspoon Adidas Collab Reaches A SuperEarth!

It’s a new dawn. It’s a new day. It’s a new sneaker collaboration! And we are loving it. From nostalgic vibes to the future of sustainability, Sean Wotherspoon Adidas did it all. And speaking of sustainability, the Nike Space Hippie and Jordan Crater packs are all about that! So, let’s hope you’re ready for some peaceful vibes, and let’s check the upcoming kicks out.

Sean Wotherspoon Adidas

The Corduroy Era!

The sneaker community has come to subconsciously connect Sean Wotherspoon to corduroy! His first and most powerful collaboration with Nike is still so fresh in our minds. The hybrid pair was a mashup of Air Max 1 and 97. It featured an all-corduroy, colorful upper with a white midsole. Fast forward to 2020, after Sean Wotherspoon leaving Nike, Asics rose to the challenge! And to nobody’s surprise, the collaboration was rocked corduroy like no other. The kicks also offered a hint of customization with exchangeable tags. Will the Sean Wotherspoon Adidas collab keep the corduroy though?

Sean Wotherspoon Asics Customizable

Sean Wotherspoon Adidas: Breaking Free!

The new Sean Wotherspoon Adidas collab is new in all manners. No corduroy this time, with all environment-friendly materials! The kicks go for a colorful stitching aesthetic all over. Moreover, the kicks are free of any animal ingredients. The insoles are made of recyclable cork, while the leather is all vegan. Moreover, the sockliner is made of reused Ortholite and the lining is 100% recycled polyester!

Sean Wotherspoon Adidas Super Earth

We Love Kicks With Details

That’s not all though, after the technical details, we’ve got the artistic side of the Sean Wotherspoon Adidas collab. The first and most obvious detail is the flower stitching all over the upper. You could also see the same flower sketches underneath the stitches, giving the kicks a multi-dimensional look. The threads extend to the outside of the kicks, but that’s not a new design process. In fact, Yohji Yamamoto and Adidas dropped the Super Position back in 2013. The three stripes of the classic came in red stitching that extends to the outside! So, from Super Position to Super Earth, we kinda feel the inspo here!

Adidas Yohji Yamamoto Super Position

Now, moving on! The second thing you’ll definitely notice is the super-earth on the tongue, literally. Mother earth is also represented by Sean Wotherspoon’s logo! And Finally, the shoe box itself is a state of art with all the flowers and the Super Earth logo!

sean wotherspoon adidas shoe box

Sean Wotherspoon Adidas: Another Hard-to-Get Pair?

We love exclusive kicks, don’t get us wrong. But sometimes, we just wish for a general release! Ah well, this pair is definitely exclusive since it’s dropping on the brand new Adidas Confirmed App. Moreover, you can give it a shot by participating in the online raffles on select online storesThe new Sean Wotherspoon Adidas Super-earth will drop on August 29, 2020. Although it will retail for $110, the kicks currently resell for up to $999! So fingers crossed, and may the odds be ever in your favor!