Off-White X Converse Chuck Taylor Will Finally Drop in May

by: NikeShoeBot
April 26, 2018

Off-White X Converse Chuck Taylor Will Finally Drop in May

When ‘The Ten’ released, it was not hard to see that one very interesting shoe was missing from the collection. Since then, it has been confirmed that this shoe would release in 2018. Just recently, we’ve had leaks strongly affirming that the Off-White x Converse Chuck Taylor will drop on the 10th of May. Following the release of the Off white Air Jordan 1 and vapormax in Black and White.

FEATURES: Off-White X Converse Chuck Taylor

The Off-White X Converse Chuck Taylor is not your usual Chuck Taylor. The iconic CTAS 70 Hi is truly reimagined with its all-new Virgil Abloh makeover.

The shoe comes in a Cone White and Ice Blue colorway. It doesn’t come short of the typical Off-White branding on it’s medial and prominent zip-tie. And some pictures tease the bright green aglets on the end of the shoelaces, that offer a pop of fresh color to the icy feel of this shoe.

The text running on the midsole of the lateral side of the shoe reads, “VULCANIZED”. The word meaning “to harden (rubber or rubber-like material) by treating it with sulfur at a high temperature”. That explains the shoe’s rubbery translucent look and feel.

Virgil left nothing to spare when it came to this shoe. He even helped people know which foot to put in which shoe by including the text “Left” and “Right” and their respective toe boxes.


Thursday the 10th of May is the day the 10th shoe from ‘The Ten’ collection will release, according to the rumors. According to the same leaks, it will retail for 130 euros which are approximately $160.

The Off-White Vapormax which retailed at $250 is earning resellers a good $350. Similarly, the Off-White X Converse Chuck Taylor, although retailing for as low as $160, its resale price on StockX is not cheap. Pretty understandable, of course. Despite the fact that the shoe hasn’t released it yet, 2 early pairs were sold, and only God knows how!

The last sale of this shoe was a size 9.5 and it was sold for 1,350 USD. And right now the highest bid is $2000! Moral of the story is: you want this shoe, you better be prepared to make it rain.

So while you wait, go ahead and watch this eye candy being unboxed.

Keep your eyes open for raffles because that’s most likely how these babies will drop.