It’s Week 18 and Supreme Vans Is Vibin’ for the Summer!

by: Tilda
June 30, 2020

It’s Week 18 and Supreme Vans Is Vibin’ for the Summer!

It’s summertime and we’re all ready to hit the beach (or currently the backyard inflatable pool). But why not add some extra spice for that summer vibe? Well, if you’re in on that, then you better check out this week’s Supreme droplist! So let’s take a look at what this week’s release holds for us, it’s as interesting as it gets. With summer tees, umbrellas, and blankets, we’re totally hyped!
ICYMI: The Supreme Vans collaboration did not drop on week 18, so stay tuned to the latest Supreme news for an exact release date!

supreme vans week 18

And if you really wanna get the summer style, make sure you cop the Foam Runners. They’re definitely in for a comfy day.

Disclaimer: The drop will happen on July 2, 2020, online and in-store. However, this is not the full list yet, we’ll update once we have all the info!

Supreme Vans

The biggest possibility for this week! It’s not the first time the two brands collaborate. In fact, the Supreme Vans partnership began back in 1996, when Supreme was a relatively new brand. Since then, this collab became almost a yearly tradition. And we’re not even mad about it! They’re all cool to look at and resell for really good cash.

This week’s possible Supreme Vans collection is a recreation of week 10’s Hole Punch Denim Jackets and Crushers. The collab will include a Slip-On and Sk8-Hi version of each colorway. So if you copped the jacket, make sure you go for the kicks because the look would be something else!

Supreme Vans Denim Jacket and Hat

Serape Blanket

Now that the Supreme Vans collaboration is on our list, it’s time to check out other interesting items. First, we have the Supreme serape blanket! A serape blanket is not really a blanket, it’s more like a shawl. The serape is actually a part of the traditional Mexican garments worn by men. Don’t mistake it for a poncho, ponchos have a hole for the head. On the other hand, the serape is a colorful shawl with fringes at the end wrapped around the shoulders. So make sure you keep an eye on this item because it’s a must-have!

Supreme Vans Blanket

Summer Tees

We previously covered the spring tees lineup, and now it’s time to check out the summer batch! There are no pictures for all of the tees yet. However, we already know which design will steal the show!

Motion Logo Tee

Before we get into the details, let’s take a second to check out the logo itself! The motion logo is actually inspired by the Goodfellas motion title. The first time we saw this logo by Supreme, it was back in 1998. So it’s safe to say that this tee is a classic! So make sure you try to cop instead of regretting such pass.

Supreme vans - motion tee

The summer tee collection will also include the following: Split tee, Pitbull tee, Lizard tee, Social tee, Marble tee, Domino tee, and a Killer LS tee!

supreme vans Supreme tees

Supreme/ShedRain Transparent Checkerboard Umbrella

The checkerboard umbrella is definitely the type of interesting item we like to cop. So if you’re a Supreme accessories connoisseur, this is for you!

Supreme Vans - week 18 umbrella.jpg

So now that you got the Supreme Vans collab, a serape, and an umbrella on your list, you’re ready to take week 18 by storm with NSB! So get ready, because this week is obviously full of interesting items!