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Jordan 6 Bordeaux 2021

Jordan 6 Bordeaux – A Classic Colorway on a Classic Silhouette!

The Jordan Fall lineup is definitely all about that feeling of nostalgia, no cap. So whether you’re an ancient sneakerhead or just tapping into the sneaker world, we gotchu. The kicks we’re gonna talk about today are new, with a whiff of OG! Air Jordan always drops bomb colorways, so Read More

How Do Jordan 1s Fit… and Some More Silhouettes too!

So here you are, about to land your first pair of Air Jordan 1 and feeling the excitement! However, something is bugging you in the back of your mind. There are no physical stores where you can try on your first pair so you’re left with speculation. So before you Read More

White Jordan 7 PSG

The White Jordan 7 PSG Brings Out the Soccer Fan Inside!

Air Jordan 7 is making headlines pretty often lately. From Jordan 7 Flint to today’s collab, you know that a white Jordan 7 is the way to go! So what’s up with the new PSG collaboration? And why should you have them both and kickstart your sneaker collection? Well, we’ll Read More

Jordan 7 Flint: The First Retro Release Is Always the Best!

If there’s anything as close to the OG hype, it’s the first retro that follows. That’s especially awesome if the sneakers are good-looking and worth their money. Luckily, the upcoming Jordan 7 Flint is just that! We sometimes underrate the 7s and focus on other Air Jordans like the 1s, Read More