PS5 Resell Price – Here’s How to Know What’s Worth What!

by: Tilda
June 2, 2022

PS5 Resell Price – Here’s How to Know What’s Worth What!

The resale industry is a very big one. And when you’re just starting, it takes a lot of grind to make it. However, when you get that retail bot and master the botting process, you’re most likely to score! And today, we’re gonna talk about the next step when it comes to PS5 reselling. You ran your PS5 bot, copped multiples, and already know where to flip them! But do you know what the best PS5 resell price is to attract customers? That’s exactly what we’re gonna discuss today!

PS5 resell price

Why Are People Flipping PS5s?

It all starts with a person who wants to buy goods. They found out that Sony is dropping the new PlayStation, and it immediately went into the must-buy list. But on drop day, everyone gets shocked at how low the stock is and how fast PS5s sell out! So obviously, everyone will head to the secondary market looking to buy it. And that’s exactly how every reselling business starts. It’s all about supply and demand, where you can raise the price of something that people really want!

What Affects the PS5 Resell Price?

There are two types of people in this world. First, we have those who sell deadstock PS5s, now these are seriously going into the business. These can usually get the highest values since you’re technically selling new goods. Another reason a PS5 resell price is very high is the low stock. The cause of this is the ongoing chip shortage. The resale value of PS5s reached a whopping $1,000+ at some point in the last year! However, today, you can flip the console for anywhere between $700 and $1,000. In deadstock state that is.

The second type of people is the one who flips their used because they need the money! And that will still definitely make them some really good money. However, here are some things that can affect the PS5 resell price.


Did you use your PS5 a couple of times but need to sell it now? Then it’s probably still in pristine condition. A relatively new PS5 will definitely be worth more than a worn-down console. So when you’re flipping, you gotta keep the condition of the components in check.  Do the fans still work, did the console take a hit leaving scratches and bumps? All that affects the value of your PS5.

PS5 resell price - condition


Is your PS5 a digital console or a Blu-Ray edition? The digital consoles retail for less than the disc editions. And in terms of resale, the disc consoles are also more valuable. So make sure you state what model you’re flipping.


You can do deals and stuff if you wanna flip the console and its accessories. If you have a disc collection and cool controllers, that could also get you more money! But always make sure you’re not overpricing your items because they won’t sell if you do.

PS5 accessories


Did you buy the console fresh out of the first 2020 stock? Or is it one of the newer releases? Well, this, unfortunately (or fortunately) influences the value of your console. People like new shiny things, even if it’s just by number.

Need More PS5 Resell Price Info?

Well, as we always say, you won’t know until you try and do your own scouting. So make sure you list your console on multiple marketplaces in order to get the best price. You should also make sure you look legit for people. Everyone will find a seller with one product picture pretty shady. However, if you have multiple pictures and descriptions, you’ll give a bit of legitimacy to your sale! Finally, if you wanna know how to make money without actually selling your things, check this out. Godspeed 🔥