Where to Buy Pokemon Cards to Try and Catch ‘Em All!

by: Tilda
May 25, 2022

Where to Buy Pokemon Cards to Try and Catch ‘Em All!

If you’re new to the retail and resale industries, you’ll wanna look for the most profitable items you can flip. And one of the coolest things you can cash out on is your Pokémon card collection or even card doubles! The Pokémon TCG has been very popular since the 90s. And trading has always been a very popular way to hunt down your most wanted card. However, selling the card is much more profitable today, especially if you have many cards to spare. But to do that, you gotta know where to buy Pokemon cards! Fortunately, we’re gonna tell you exactly where to do that.

where to buy pokemon cards

Where to Buy Pokemon Cards – 6 Platforms You Should Know!

If you’re wondering why people are asking this question in the first place, let us give you the answer. First off, the Pokemon (short for Pocket Monsters) franchise is popular all over the world. From the original cartoon to the video games and cards, it made an impact on pop culture! And just like other collectibles, Pokemon cards vary in rarity. Some might be worth a few dollars, while others go for thousands! And that’s why people found a way of making an extra buck by flipping rare cards. So naturally, “where to buy Pokemon cards” became a valid question!


We’re kicking it off with GameStop, the ultimate destination for everything gaming! Whether you’re looking for your favorite character’s figurine or a mouse pad, you can find it there. And obviously, you’ll find Pokémon cards and more. The only downside of buying off GameStop is that everyone else will be too! So make sure you have the best retail bot with you when a new card collection drops.


Best Buy

We already discussed Best Buy and how to bot it extensively here, but there’s no harm in specifics! Although it’s famous for being an electronics retailer, you can still find Pokemon cards there. So when you decide to buy GPUs, once you learn how to do that right, you can also buy the cards along the way!



Next up, we’ve got Target. If you already have your Target bot, then you’re halfway along the road to profit! Whether you’re looking for a PS5 for personal use or flip, know that it’s not your only option. You could always try to cop multiple items and make the most profit possible by flipping them. Beware, though, because competition is pretty hot here… for a reason. Target stopped stocking Pokemon cards in their physical stores because fights broke out over them in the past!



Walmart, aka one of the biggest retailers in the US, is also one of the big Pokemon card sellers. So if you’re wondering where to buy Pokemon cards, head out to the closest Walmart you can find. However, you may not be lucky enough to find rare cards there. This is why we recommend running a Walmart bot to snatch the online stock.



Okay, so we can’t list retail sites without mentioning Amazon. This online retailer is your go-to for anything you might imagine, including Pokemon cards! Whether it’s from Amazon itself or through a third party, you can find some epic picks. However, beware of counterfeits and scams, because some people are getting creative like this guy here.



Last, but certainly not least, we have a website that both sellers and buyers go to! If you managed to buy from any of the other retailers, you’d definitely look for a place to flip for profit. And depending on how rare your cards are, you can make a lot of money flipping the cards! And if you’re a buyer, make sure you don’t get scammed into counterfeit cards. We always recommend checking reviews and how legit a seller is before making any transactions!


Now What?

These six places are definitely not the only places you can get your Pokemon cards from. You can always go to “specialty” stores like TCG Player and Card Cavern Trading Cards! However, we opted for discussing sites that can get you going on your retail journey in different ways. Just make sure to always do your research before buying or selling anything online! Godspeed🔥