Ben Simmons Nike Blazer 77 Is the Pregame Pack’s Big Finale!

by: Tilda
May 6, 2020

Ben Simmons Nike Blazer 77 Is the Pregame Pack’s Big Finale!

Nike is always looking for ways to out-do itself. And this time, they got the bright idea of a special edition “Pre-game Pack”. This pack’s inspiration is 4 NBA and WNBA stars: Luka Doncic, De’Aaron Fox, Brittney Griner, and Ben Simmons. The kicks reflect each player’s pre-game ritual and they’re all great-looking, but we couldn’t help but notice one specific pair out of the three! Ben Simmons’ Nike Blazer 77 is definitely a head-turner! So this month, we’ve got a handful of Yeezy, Nike, and Jordan releases that we can’t wait to rock with cool outfits.

Nike blazer 77 ben simmons

Ben Simmons’ Nike Blazer 77 Mid “Motivation”

Ben Simmons pays tribute to his pre-game rituals in the upcoming Nike Blazer 77. Just like their name, the kicks are all about the pre-game motivation that drives Ben Simmons to do his best on and off the court.

Nike blazer 77 ben simmons pair

The upcoming Nike Blazer 77 Mid features a grey upper with a worn-out look to it. Graphics on each shoe break the grey monotony with words of motivation like “Pride and Passion” and “Heart in the Game”. Meanwhile, the brown leather heel panels hold engravings of the words “Dedication” and “Motivation”. A yellow swoosh and gum outsole complete the vintage look of the Nike Blazer 77 Mids. However, the greenish-blue tongue brings a modern touch to the look and makes it even cooler!

Nike blazer 77 ben simmons side

The kicks will be the last of the pack to release on May 21, 2020. None of the other details is available yet, but they should be out very soon and we’ll make sure to keep you updated.

What Else Does the Pre-Game Pack Have to Offer?

The first pair already dropped on April 30, 2020. It was Luka Kucoc’s Air Jordan 1 Mid “Mindfulness” that featured a pair of mismatched white leather Jordan 1s. The idea behind Kucoc’s ritual is that you have to be mentally ready for the game as well as physically. The kicks retailed for $125 and currently resell for up to $375.

Nike blazer 77 ben simmons aj1 mid

The second pair is a three-way collab between Nike, NBA star De’Aaron fox, and WNBA star Brittney Griner. It’s the Air force 1 “Music”. So it’s pretty easy to know what their pre-game ritual includes. The kicks also feature a white leather upper, with stitching on the side that puts the concept of music’s effect on a sneaker. We can also see soundwaves in the 3D looking swoosh. Finally, a purple outsole and a dash of red on the midsole breathe life into the design. The kicks are set to drop on May 14, 2020.

Nike blazer 77 ben simmons af1

Cop the New Nike Blazer 77 Mid!

Nike Blazers are classics that we all love having in our wardrobe. And whether you support the 76ers or not, you can’t deny how cool the kicks look. So if you missed the Air Jordan 1 Mids, you better get NSB ready to cop the rest of the pregame pack! Limited kicks are always a pleasure to have for that house tour flex!