Most Expensive Supreme Items: The FW20 Season Wrap-Up!

by: Tilda
January 13, 2021

Most Expensive Supreme Items: The FW20 Season Wrap-Up!

Here we are, in the cooldown period, getting ready for the new season. That’s why we’ll invest our time in a recap of the most expensive Supreme items! If you weren’t following closely, it was a pretty loaded season. From cross bogos to our favorite killer doll, FW20 gave all the fans at least one item to their liking. So let’s check out what the most expensive items are, and whether it’s time to cash out on your apparel!

Most expensive Supreme items FW20

Most Expensive Supreme Items: Part 1

We ranked the items first on the basis of the highest resale value. The most expensive item on our list is the Supreme x Stone Island White Shearling jacket. And for what it’s worth, the retail price of the jacket is pretty high. But with a $1,000+ profit, we won’t be complaining at all. Next up, we got the avant-garde Yohji Yamamoto and the leather work jacket! The jacket retailed for $1,298, aka, a lot. However, if we look at the average resale value, the jacket made its way to second place! Third, we got another Stone Island collab. The dark teal camo jacket could give you around $500 of profit, and we’re down for that!

most expensive supreme items - average resale

The fourth spot actually goes to the Leica x Supreme binoculars. Although we wouldn’t expect them to make it up there, they did! And in terms of profit, $500 would make some good pocket money or what? And last but not least, we got bling. The Jacob & Co. x Supreme gold lock pendant may not be the most profitable, but it’s definitely the prettiest!

Part 2: We Cashin’ Out!

Now the first part wasn’t all about the profit, but how expensive the items are. In this section, we’ll be discussing the top 5 items that would give you profit many times the original retail. So here we are checking out the most expensive Supreme items in terms of the price premium. First, on our list, we’ve got none other than a purple box logo long-sleeve tee. The tee retailed for $48 and it resells for $318 on average, so, cha-ching! Next up, we’ve got the cross box logo tee that was one of this season’s highlights. This tee, which retailed at $38, currently resells for $124. So if you managed to cop several tees, you’ve scored a real win.

Most expensive Supreme items - price premium

Three, we’ve got a pretty cool Supreme x Bicycle card deck. So let’s do a bit of math on this one. If you paid $18 in retail per deck and managed to secure several decks, you’ll get some easy pocket cash. Why? Because one deck resells for $61! The fourth and fifth places go to head accessories. The white bogo beanie and purple New Era x Supreme bogo hat are here to crown the profits! Both hats go for several times the values you got them for, and they really look great for wear.

Will SS21 Be as Good as FW20?

Supreme never lets us down in terms of eccentricity AND great profit on the resale market. That’s why we expect that Supreme SS21 will deliver as we all are expecting. Although we saw some of the most expensive Supreme items this season, we’re sure we’ll get more next season! So keep an eye out for date leaks and news, and keep NSB ready by your side. Rumor says SS21 will start by mid-February 2021! And maybe keep training your bot on the upcoming Yeezy 700 Sun.