Did Nike Just Miss Out on The Last Dance of the Season?

by: Tilda
May 22, 2020

Did Nike Just Miss Out on The Last Dance of the Season?

Odds are, every OG sneakerhead and basketball fan in this world was tuned in to Netflix every Sunday evening. But now that the dust settled and the docu-series ended, we’re talking numbers. To be exact, we’re going to discuss how beneficial The Last Dance was to Jordan Brand and sneaker sales overall. And as always Jordans are dropping, and we’re discussing the flip worthy kicks that’ll require a bot to handle!

The last Dance Nike

The Last Dance Does Nike a Favor!

We have to give it to Nike, they’ve got a heck of a marketing team! Their commercials were always some of the best in the sneaker industry. So when The Last Dance aired around the world, it was natural for Nike to have a part in it. After all, Jordan’s name and Nike go hand-in-hand since the mid-80s. But even knowing that info, we couldn’t fight the appeal of the OGs when we saw them on screens!

the last dance footage

It’s as simple as this: The Last Dance presented a golden opportunity for sneaker sales. We definitely noticed that when Nike dropped the OG Jordan 5 Fire Reds! The drop happened just before the last two episodes aired and the kicks sold out really fast. However, that was the only time Nike actually did a sale stunt, which is surprising.

AJ5 Fire Red The last dance

Did the Sneaker Giant Lose a Golden Chance?

The Last Dance documentary was a huge opportunity for Nike and Jordan Brand. However, the companies kinda missed out on that. We all remember 2018’s Superbowl halftime show when Nike and Justin Timberlake dropped the Jordan 3 bomb!

Justin Timberlake The Last Dance

But we can understand where the reluctance really comes from. Lockdown was a huge hit to Nike, especially that it’s the leading sneaker brand in sales. Actually, it was a hit to every company that deals with anything outdoors. With all factories and transportation on hold, production dropped, and so did sales. So maybe they didn’t think that’s the best time to do a huge release and marketing stunts.

The Secondary Market Booming Thanks to The Last Dance

During the airing of The Last Dance, the show focused on some of the silhouettes Jordan rocked throughout his career and the beginning of the Nike partnership. But in reality, what The Last Dance did was expand the golden Bulls era to a generation that wasn’t even born when Jordan was still on the hardwood floor. Teens and youngsters got to witness the greatness of the GOAT and relive the best moment on screen. This big throwback managed to grow the sentimental value within the new generation. And the effect was immediate on resale platforms!

the last dance MJ Scottie Pippen

Air Jordan 1 Chicago – 2015

Air Jordan 1 Chicago first debuted in 1985, and it’s as close to priceless as it can get. The proof of that is Jordan’s own game-worn 1985 pair. The kicks sold on an online auction for $560,000! However, the 2015 edition wasn’t as successful. Mind you, it’s still considered a very successful retro! But when an episode of The Last Dance focused on that exact colorway, the resale value reached a new high of almost $2,000!

the last dance air jordan 1 chicago

A General Boost of Sales!

The Air Jordan 1 Chicago wasn’t the only pair of kicks that went through the sale boost. In fact, sales of Jordan sneakers and memorabilia drastically increased. But not only Jordan related items are soaring. In fact, Scottie Pippen’s sneakers are getting very popular lately.

the last dance effect on sales

New Jordan Releases Post “The Last Dance” Era

Will new Jordan kicks have a different taste now? We always love some retro-ed colorways but also welcome new ones. So let’s take a look at the upcoming releases!

Air Jordan 13 “Flint” 

We already discussed this pair here. However, no harm in a recap! This colorway is probably the best one, after the Breds naturally. And it doesn’t do any harm that this is the silhouette MJ rocked they year Chicago Bulls earned their second three-peat! So we can all expect the demand to be high on these. The Flints will drop on May 30, 2020, and will retail for $190. Finally, they’re dropping in full family sizes, so you could match your outfit with the family!

The last dance AJ13 flint

Air Jordan 6 “Hare”

The colorway is true to the OG Air Jordan 7 Hare, which was made in honor of the soon-to-be star of Space Jam! Of course, we meant Bugs Bunny. This year, Jordan Brand decided to tribute the kicks and the stars by dropping a brand new Air Jordan 6 on June 5. The kicks will feature a plain white upper and will retail for $190. But this doesn’t mean that they’re dull because the tongue and outsole are as feisty as Bugs himself!

Air Jordan 3 “Animal Instinct”

Who doesn’t like to let their wild side out? Featuring a mix of animal prints and materials, the upcoming Jordan 3 is the second installment of the Animal pack. So on June 6, 2020, you better be ready to cop, or you’ll miss it!

Air jordan 3 animal instinct 2.0 the last dance

Will The Last Dance Opportunity Go to Waste?

Although the Nike part in this whole story was underwhelming, we know what the company is capable of. And we also know that someday, they will capitalize on The Last Dance. Maybe an anniversary release, a special Netflix x ESPN collab? Who knows? Meanwhile, all we have to do is enjoy what we get and make sure we cop every release for retail!