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reasons to start collecting sneakers

Collecting Sneakers – 4 Reasons You Gotta Start It Today!

The 1980s were a cultural shift for sneaker fans. If you’re old enough to be there, odds are you grew up with the Jordan craze. Michael Jordan was a rookie, Nike signed him up, and the rest was history. In fact, you can check the whole Air Jordan history here. Read More

Sneaker Collection

How to Start a Sneaker Collection: The A to Z Guide!

So you made it! If you’re reading this, then you probably asked the question we’re here to answer. You’re a sneakerhead and have been into the game for a while but wanna expand your involvement. You probably go through social media and see all the collectors with their sick, sick Read More

never ask a sneakerhead these questions

Never Hit A Sneakerhead With These 5 Questions!

Each sneakerhead shoe is very special and unique to its owner. If you’re new to the sneaker world though, you gotta tread carefully. You just can’t hit sneakerheads with any question that pops into your mind. So today, we’re gonna explain who are sneakerheads, and what questions not to ask Read More