The Supreme My Bloody Valentine Collab Is Rockin’ Week 9!

by: Tilda
April 21, 2020

The Supreme My Bloody Valentine Collab Is Rockin’ Week 9!

Although the sneaker industry is facing financial losses, Supreme stands strong! And by now, we’re used to interesting and cool collabs, and this week is no different. Week 9’s highlight is actually the Supreme My Bloody Valentine capsule which we’ll talk about in a bit. Moreover, we’ve got another three-way collab, the Supreme x MLB x New Era items! So whether you’re into music, sports, or just the regular releases, Supreme’s got it.

But first, a COVID-19 Relief Supreme Bogo Tee!

Supreme My bloody valentine week 9

COVID-19 Relief Tee

As many people expected, a relief tee is actually in the works! It’s a Supreme Bogo tee, and it will definitely sell out in a blink! The Box Logo features an original work by the Japanese artist Takashi Murakami. Even if you’re not a fan of art, you must have stumbled on his famous flower somewhere. The drop will take place on Friday, a day after the week 9 drops, and it’s going to be US and Canada exclusive! The Bogo tee will retail for $60, higher than your average tee, and 100% of the proceeds will go to COVID-19 relief.

Supreme Relief Bogo - My Bloody Valentine

However, it’s not all fun and games, people are not impressed with the exclusivity of a relief tee. Be it in stock number or in the region, this will prevent people from buying the tees on a wider scale!

Supreme Relief Bogo artwork - My Bloody Valentine

Supreme My Bloody Valentine

My Bloody Valentine is a Rock band founded in 1983 and still active in the present day! Its peculiar type of production and music made it quite popular. So this week, Supreme is collaborating with the band and releasing their own clothing items! MBV fans, rejoice!

My Bloody Valentine Loveless Hoodie

The hoodie features on the front the cover of the band’s second studio album “Loveless”. We can also find the title of the album on the back of the hoodie!

Supreme My Bloody Valentine hoodie

Glider Tee Supreme My Bloody Valentine

The tees are a tribute to the band’s “Glider” EP. An Extended Play, or simply EP, is a record that contains more songs than a single. However, it doesn’t have enough tracks to be considered a full album. So, now that we cleared this up, the front of the tees also features the EP cover. Meanwhile, the back is almost clear, minus the tiny names of the tracks in that record and the Supreme bogo.

Supreme My Bloody Valentine Tee

“Feed Me With Your Kiss” Tee

Feed Me With Your Kiss is one of the band’s most popular songs. It initially released as a single. Later on, My Bloody Valentine included the song into their debut album! That’s why it goes without saying that it got its own tee. Following the previous items’ steps, the tee features the single’s cover art on the front and the track’s name on the back.

Supreme My Bloody Valentine T-shirt

My Bloody Valentine Rayon Short Sleeve Shirt

The shirts will come in three different prints: each one is a tribute to one of MBV’s works.

Supreme My Bloody Valentine SS Shirt

MBV Trucker Jacket

The jacket is literally staring at you. The cover art of “Feed Me With Your Kiss” is all over the jacket, making it remarkable from an impressive distance. And who doesn’t wanna stand out like that?

Supreme My Bloody Valentine Trucker Jacket

Supreme x New Era x MLB Baseball Cap and Varsity Jacket

The Supreme My Bloody Valentine collab isn’t the only star of this week! The collab between Supreme, the headwear company New Era, and Major League Baseball is not a surprising one. After all, New Era is the official baseball cap supplier of MLB. On the other hand, it’s also Supreme’s recurring partner!

Supreme MLB New Era Baseball Cap - My Bloody Valentine

The items are must-haves for all baseball lovers! They have all the MLB teams’ logos embroidery all over them. So if you’re sad about the MLB 2020 delay, better cop these items to treat yourself!

Supreme MLB New Era Varsity Jacket - My Bloody Valentine

Supreme Heller Mugs

We’re all safely staying at home and working from there, it’s never too early to start planning your next camping trip! And these Supreme Mugs scream camping to us. But if you’re not the camping type, just cop them because they’re cool accessories!

Supreme Heller Mugs - My Bloody Valentine

Cop Supreme with NSB!

Supreme items are some of the hardest to cop. And that only got harder when the items became online only! But that’s not a big deal when you’ve got NSB to back you up. So hurry up and get your copy to be ready for the cop on Thursday!