Week 6 Is Revving with the Supreme Lamborghini Collab!

by: Tilda
March 31, 2020

Week 6 Is Revving with the Supreme Lamborghini Collab!

Are you still feeling that pain after missing out on last week’s items? It’s okay, this week’s collab will definitely cheer you up a bit. Although it’s not as sweet as the oreo pack, it will surely leave an amazing aftertaste! You better let your inner mechanic and car fanatic out, because this week we have the Supreme Lamborghini collaboration!

Supreme lamborghini supreme bogo tee

Everything Supreme Lamborghini

Well, here’s everything we have till now, start scratching what you need off that list!


It’s not really Supreme if we don’t get a skateboard, is it? Especially that Supreme is originally a skateboard shop and a haven for the skaters! And let’s just say, these decks are looking so good. 

Supreme Lamborghini Deck


Tees are just a Supreme staple. So how about a Supreme Lamborghini tee? It’s definitely going to be a hit and a must-cop!

Supreme Lamborghini Tee

Hooded Work Jacket

Hoodies are one thing, hooded work jacket are another! You could rock a plain tee underneath this and look fantastic! You could also get color creative with them. 

Supreme Lamborghini Hooded Work Jacket


Coveralls are not just workwear any more, they’re a fashion statement! From Brad Pitt to Gigi Hadid, they definitely became more than work items. So you better put that on your list, it’s worth it.

Supreme Lamborghini Coverall

Hockey Jersey

If you wanna go watch a hockey game in style, this is what you need! 

Supreme Lamborghini Hockey Jersey

Short-Sleeve Shirt

Supreme Lamborghini SS Shirt


You’re never out of style with a Supreme Lamborghini beanie. They even rhyme! 

Supreme Lamborghini Beanie

Other Noteworthy Items!

Now that the full droplist dropped, we can safely say that the Supreme Lamborghini collaboration is definitely this week’s highlight! However, two other items got our attention. Whether you’re going to keep them for the Supreme flex or just coppin’ for the flip, you should consider these items!

Washed Chino Twill Camp Cap

Washed Chino Twill Camp Cap Supreme Bogo Tee Supreme Lamborghini

Restless Youth Hoodie

Restless Youth Hoodie Supreme Bogo Tee Supreme Lamborghini

That’s Not All! How About a Relief Supreme Bogo Tee?

Supreme is no stranger to fundraisers and charity, and in light of the COVID-19 outbreak, rumors are circulating about a new relief tee! If that’s true, Supreme would be joining other brands doing the same like Netflix, Spotify, Skims, Under Armour, and many more! All the proceeds will go to help fight Coronavirus.

Supreme Bogo tee 9-11

Supreme Bogo tee

Previous relief tees by Supreme include the 9/11 Bogo and the Japan Tsunami Supreme Bogo Tee. So odds are if this tee actually happens, it’s going to be a Supreme Bogo tee! And let’s hope they have a big stock on this, because the more they drop, the more revenue they get!
Helping a great cause, and making some great cash along the way!

Bots Are Revving for This Release! 

You better believe it! People won’t let go without a battle. And without a bot, your chance at success will be slim to none. So gear up with NSB if you really want the Supreme Lamborghini apparel. However, the droplist is not complete yet, so keep checking the blog for any updates.

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