Three Is The Charm: Supreme Daniel Johnston Is Back!

by: Tilda
May 12, 2020

Three Is The Charm: Supreme Daniel Johnston Is Back!

Supreme always surprises us with their collaborations. However, this week’s collab is not new. It’s actually the third time the streetwear giant collaborates with Daniel Johnston and features his artwork on Supreme items. So it’s evident that the Supreme Daniel Johnston collab are taking the spotlight this week! However, some other items and accessories are worth taking a look at. But don’t forget that to have a shot at owning any of these items, you’re gonna need NSB on your team!

Supreme Daniel Johnston

Who Is Daniel Johnston?

Daniel Johnston is an American musician, singer-songwriter, and artist. His music always had that innocent effect to the ear, and Johnston became popular for it. The first Supreme Daniel Johnston collab dates back to 2012. It featured a t-shirt capsule of bright colors!

supreme daniel johnston 2012

Their next collaboration happened in 2015. And in 2020, the Supreme Daniel Johnston collaboration comes back after the artist’s passing in September 2019. The upcoming items are the usual play on Johnston’s original artworks.

supreme daniel johnston 2015

Moreover, Supreme will donate part of the proceeds from the Supreme Daniel Johnston collab to National Alliance on Mental Illness and the Hi, How Are You Project to support youths with mental illnesses. So now, you’re copping for an amazing cause!

Daniel Johnston Frog Tee & Beanie

The tees in the Supreme Daniel Johnston collabs usually end up reselling for quite a bit! So if you’re looking for the perfect item for the flip, you’re there. The frog, aka Jeremiah the Innocent, is one of Daniel Johnston’s most famous artworks. It was the cover of his 1983 album Hi How Are You. However, Supreme is leaving its own touch by replacing the “Hi How Are You?” with “I Know Supreme”!

supreme daniel johnston frog tee

The beanies also feature the same infamous frog. You know what that means! These beanies are gonna be gone the instant they drop.

supreme daniel johnston frog beanie

Silver Sufferer Daniel Johnston Hoodie

The silver sufferer is a grim play on Marvel’s Silver Surfer. The hoodies are definitely an item you should have in your wardrobe, but flipping it will naturally let you earn so extra bucks on the side.

supreme daniel johnston silver sufferer hoodie

More Tees!

The Kill ‘em All tees feature Daniel Johnston’s Space Ducks Comics. The other Supreme Daniell Johnston tee showcases a colorful collection of his artworks.

supreme daniel johnston tee 2

supreme daniel johnston tee 1

The Shirts We’d Cop in a Blink!

Whether you’re into short or long sleeves, Supreme got you covered! The L/S shirt features the Jeremiah Frog, while the S/S shirt is a mashup of different works. In my opinion, that shirt is worth the cop for pure flex reasons!

supreme daniel johnston shirts

Work Apparel

Last but not least, the work jackets and pants are dropping with Johnston’s signature too! The work jacket features the same artwork we already saw on the tees.

supreme daniel johnston work jacket

supreme daniel johnston work pant

What Else Do We Have?

It’s not only about the Supreme Daniel Johnston release this week. We’ve got some items that we’re sure are going to be a hit on SS20’s week 12!

Supreme Lawn Chair

The perfect accessory for you to take with you when chilling in the backyard during the quarantine. You could also use it when having a meeting at work for that subtle flex!

supreme lawn chair

Small Bogo Hoodie

No Bogo hoodies, no problem! Supreme got you a tiny alternative to the famous Bogo hoodie. It definitely has its own hype, so naturally, it’s a must-cop!

supreme mini bogo hoodie

Get Ready to Cop!

Supreme has been dropping the items online only due to COVID-19 for a while now. So the competition is pretty hard nowadays. Your only chance at a cop is to have a bot, and that’s why NSB is here! So make sure you have it to be ready when the drop day comes!