Can I buy multiple pairs with’s bots?

by: NikeShoeBot
August 22, 2014
You can run all 6 websites on the SneakerBot2.0 at the same time for the same shoe. This will allow you to purchase multiple pairs of the same shoe.
The SneakerBot2.0 can only be installed on ONE computer!
NikeShoeBot2 – NikeShoeBotFox – SneakerBot – SneakerBotFox
To get multiple different pair of shoes on release day, please refer to keywords page included in your “File and Instructions” email. You can check there for the correct format on inputting multiple keywords and URL’s to get multiple different sneakers on release day.
To get multiple pair of the same shoe or different sizes, you have to use multiple computers, or multiple bots. You can install on 2 computers with your original purchase. You can purchase additional installs here-
You can get multiple pair of the same shoe with the SneakerBot and/or SneakerBotFox as long as they are from different stores. To get more than one pair from the same store, you will need to use another computer or the other SneakerBot if you have both the SneakerBot and SneakerBotFox.
The maximum number of the same pair you can get on one release day depends on how many bots you had. If you had both NikeShoeBot2 and NikeShoeBotFox installed on 2 computers, you would be able to get the same shoe from Nike 4 times, once on each bot. The same thing applies with the SneakerBot and SneakerBotFox except you could get the same shoe from all 4 sites with one SneakerBot. So, therefore, if you got the same shoe from each site on both the SneakerBot and SneakerBotFox on 2 computers, that would be a total of 16 pair of the same shoe, 1 from each site per bot, 4 per bot, 2 bots per computer, that makes a total of 8 shoes per computer and a total of 16 pair with both SneakerBots installed on 2 computers.
When using the NikeShoeBot2 and/or NikeShoeBotFox to get collection page shoes, you can only use 1 secondary keyword. Meaning you can only select one shoe from a collection page per computer or per bot if you have both NikeShoeBot2 and NikeShoeBotFox. You can still use multiple primary keywords with a collection release, just not multiple secondary keywords.

When multiple colorways are releasing, sometimes Nike will put them in a collection page and only send one link for all the colorways, if this is the case, you will only be able to get one of them as this is a collection page release. Other times, Nike will put both shoes in the same tweet but send a separate link for each shoe, if Nike does this, then the bot will open a tab for each link for that keyword.