Do you offer a 100% guarantee?

Our SneakerBot2.0 program is extremely successful, however we cannot offer a 100% guarantee due to factors outside of our control. These factors include computer/internet speeds, release dates changes, server issues, and any other factor out of our control. Your personal success rate will depend on multiple factors including the above Read More

How Many Times Can I Install Each Bot?

SneakerBot2.0 – 1 Install If you would like to purchase additional installs please email us at

Is this a one time fee or a one time use? How many times can I use your bots?

The full program is a one-time purchase with unlimited usage. You’ll receive free updates for 90 days from the day you purchase. After that updates will cost around $30 and include at least another 90 days of free updates. Updates are created on as needed basis, so if the websites do not make any changes then no update will be Read More

How do I know which product URL to use?

A link to the URL page is located at the bottom of the program’s main screen. You will need to check the URL and Keywords page the night before a release AND the morning of a release for all information on URL’s and Keywords. We update the page 12 hours prior to Read More

How does the bot know which shoe to buy?

That’s the best part of all, you tell it exactly which size and shoe to purchase by selecting your size and entering the corresponding product URL into the options page.

When will I receive my bot?

Once you complete your purchase, you will automatically receive your purchase receipt, bot, activation code, and instructions via email. Double check that you enter your email address correctly when purchasing the bot and if for any reason you do not receive any of these things, please let us know immediately.

What sizes can I buy with the bot?

Our bots only works on men’s sizes, we do not currently support women’s or children’s sizes.

How will I receive the bots and will there be instructions?

You will receive your purchase receipt, bot, activation code, and instructions via email automatically when you complete your purchase. Please let us know if you do not receive all these things after you complete your purchase.

What if the bots become outdated?

We are always making updates to improve our bots or to counter act any changes made to the order processes of the supported retailers websites. You receive free updates for 90 days (SneakerBot2.0) from your original purchase date and again for another 90 days from the date of any paid Read More

Can I be logged into my accounts on each website?

The program will not work if you are logged into your account (eastbay, footlocker, footaction, etc..), be sure to log out of your account before setting up the program. The SneakerBot2.0 will log into your accounts for you once it has been started.