Grateful Dead Dunk SB Lows: Let out the Deadhead in You!

by: Tilda
July 16, 2020

Grateful Dead Dunk SB Lows: Let out the Deadhead in You!

The Nike Grateful Dead Dunk SBs is a release we didn’t know we needed until it appeared! And with all the hype surrounding Nike SB Dunks in 2020, we know these are worth the wait. So what should we expect from the upcoming “Nike Deads”?

Grateful Dead Dunk Kicks

A Bit of Grateful Dead History

We know you wanna get to the point, but everything about this band is interesting. And knowing the background of the kicks will make you appreciate the details even more! So back to 1965 when a new band called the Warlocks saw the light of day. However, the name soon changed to the Grateful Dead after a member of the band found it in a dictionary.

Grateful Dead Dunk Lows

The Grateful Dead is the soul of a dead person showing gratitude for someone who paid off their debt or arranged their burial. This is actually a folktale that made it into the dictionary. So it’s a really ominous name for a rock band, but who are we to judge? The band survived for around 50 years with that name! The inspo behind some names in the music and sneaker industry keep shocking us. We’re all familiar with all the weird Yeezy names! Speaking of Yeezys, Blue Oat is dropping soon! And now that we got the name out of the way, let’s get into the furry details!

Are The Dancing Bears Really Dancing?

The wildly popular “Dancing Bears” album art gave the Grateful Dead widespread popularity. Fans, or Deadheads, are seen wearing the dancing bears’ merch. The bears are a reference to Owsley “Bear” Stanley who was the sound engineer of the band. However, the bears are not really dancing! In fact, they’re doing some sort of military march. But well, the “dancing bears” name stuck and people were digging it. And dancing bears are cooler than marching bears anyways.

Grateful dead dunk dancing bears

Grateful Dead Dunk Lows

Now that we’ve got you covered on the history of the important elements. Let’s break down the upcoming kicks! The new Grateful Dead Dunk SB Lows feature faux fur and suede uppers, with the swoosh mimicking the collars of the colorful bears. And because the kicks are full of cool deets, you can find the colorful bears on the insoles!

Even though the kicks are very interesting, the coolest part about them is the tongue. You see, the tongue features the bear that inspired the colorway on the outside. On the inside, we’ll find another Grateful Dead famous logo. The “Steal Your Face” Skull featured a black and red skull with a lightning bolt running through it. However, the inside of the tongue shows the bolt alone. It’s the thought that counts.

Grateful Dead Dunk tongue

Finally, the tongue includes a stash pocket where you can hide… Spare change. This release is giving off major Supreme vibes. Since, you know, the streetwear giant is known for quirky accessories mainly used for stashing coins as well!

Grateful Dead Dunk Orange

Release Info

The Grateful Dead Dunk Lows will be available in three colorways: Yellow, Green, and Orange. The “Orange Bear” Grateful Dead Dunk will be exclusively available at FTC Skateboarding in San Francisco on July 18. So good luck getting this one. However, the two remaining green and yellow “Bears” will drop on SNKRS app on July 24, 2020. The three kicks will retail for $110.

Grateful Dead Dunk yellow green

What’s Up With Resale?

Oh boy, you’re in for a treat on this one. The green pair currently resells for an average of $1,900. The yellow Grateful Dead Dunk averages $1,900 too. Finally, since the orange pair will be the most exclusive, its average resale value is $3,350! So if you’re not into them for the funky looks, the resale is an interesting incentive. But the competition on the release day will definitely be high, so better ave NSB to get you through!