The New NikeShoeBot – Management Change

by: NikeShoeBot
February 15, 2018

The New NikeShoeBot – Management Change

Hey Sneaker Fam,

I’m sure many of you have noticed that over the past 6 months NikeShoeBot (NSB) has had some changes going on and I’d like to talk about that. I’ll wrap it up short and sweet.

At the start, the business was owned by M.B. and operated by a team of kick-ass developers. Back then, NSB reigned Supreme and dominated the sneaker industry for years. Eventually, those developers were replaced and the work was outsourced by management to cut down on costs.

But now the business has changed; management and developers! The business is now owned and managed by some of the most successful people in the sneaker and business community.

What about the original team of developers that brought victory and success?
They’re back as well! Along with some new additions who’ve also dominated the industry as private sneaker devs.

Nikeshoebot Support

Some of you, who’ve already been loyal clients of NikeShoeBot (NSB), might be asking; What does that mean for users of the previous sneaker bots and what does this mean for the future?

For the previous Sneaker bot 2.0 users, you can still use the program. However, as management and development teams have changed, we cannot possibly support that product.

What about the Future?

We’ve been bombarded with messages to bring back the golden age. And that’s exactly what we’re doing. All your favorite cooks are working as we speak on creating a game-changing sneaker bot that will be releasing soon!

And as an appreciation for the loyal NSB users, it will be provided to you at a discounted price and through a pre-release only for you!

We really do appreciate all your support, and we plan to pay that back with the crazy cooking you’ll do with the new sneaker bot!

Cheers Fam,
The NikeShoeBot team.