URLs and Keywords

 *****SneakerBot2.0 – Start the program 1-2 minutes prior to release time and continue to start URLs even after release time! If a URL is stuck on starting, stop it, and then start that URL again. Use both account and no account for each URL*****

Update versions for SneakerBot2.0 Program

(SneakerBot2.0 Stand alone program update version 1.10.0 is the latest version) – If you SneakerBot2.0 is out-of-date you can purchase the newest version here – https://www.nikeshoebot.com/downloads/sneakerbot2-0-update/


URL’s for SneakerBot2.0 Program

SneakerBot2.0 Multiple URLS – Enter the first 5 URL’s then click start. You can add an additional 5 URLs and then click start again. You can continue to start multiple URL’s during and after the release.

SneakerBot2.0 ONLY  ( How to properly use the program after the new update version))

The program will now work with the account login features and you will only need to run in “No Account” mode if you get invalid login on release day for those sites even though you know your login info is correct.  We have changed the billing info part of the bot to include shipping as well so the bot WILL STILL AUTO-CHECKOUT FOR YOU IF USING NO ACCOUNT MODE. It will just do so without using your account.

If the bot ever stops at guest checkout and doesn’t proceed to the done status, you may need to double click the link to open the bots built-in browser so you can see where the site had a problem and so you can continue manually checking out if you need to. If the pages don’t load properly, you can right click and then click refresh. If it shows stop instead of refresh, it is because the page is still loading, let the page load and if you need to refresh at that point, you can then right click and click refresh to get the page loading again.

*****When the bot reads “Failed, Retrying… ” It means the program is working correctly and attempting to add the shoe to cart repeatedly until the site can process your order. When you get to this point LET IT RUN

Footlocker (10AM EST RELEASE TIME)

Adidas Yeezy 350 Boost v2-


Footaction (10AM EST RELEASE TIME)

Adidas Yeezy 350 Boost v2-



Adidas Yeezy 350 Boost v2-



Adidas Yeezy 350 Boost v2-