Peep the Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 Cactus Jack Backwards Swoosh

by: Tilda
October 19, 2018

Peep the Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 Cactus Jack Backwards Swoosh

In addition to Air Force 1s and Jordan 4s, the Cactus Jack prince will now touch the Air Jordan 1 and turn it to gold. Here’s everything we know about the Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 Cactus Jack.

La Flame’s 2018

La Flame has had a pretty busy year. First, with the birth of his child, Stormi Webster, who he shares with Kylie Jenner. Second with the release of his blue suede Cactus Jack Air Jordan 4s. Then he released his album, Astroworld, which was followed by the drop of his second Nike Air Force 1 in the sail colorway.

Since then, we’ve seen leaks of more Cactus Jack Jordan 4s, and a sneak peek at a multicolored patched up Air Force 1. And now we get a look at an upcoming expansion to La Flame’s name. Jordan Brand and Travis Scott will team up again to bring us the Air Jordan 1 Cactus Jack.

Travis Scott Air Jordan 1 Cactus Jack

travis scott air jordan 1 cactus jack

Scott took to Instagram to post a story of his upcoming Jordan 1 collaboration. It comes in an earthy olive-brown-ish color along with black details. The red Cactus Jack logo is on the side of the tongue, beside the trademark Nike Air tongue tab.

For the Jordan 1 Cactus Jack, the main points are the hidden money pocket and the inverted Swoosh. The Swoosh on these runs in a backwards direction as if you’re drawing the Swoosh from heel to toe, not toe to heel.

travis scott air jordan 1 cactus jack 1

This reminds me of the time someone received an upsidedown Swoosh on their Gold Toe Air Jordan 1s earlier this year. They got posted on eBay for $100,000+ USD. While today the eBay page is unavailable, I wonder if the owner was able to make money off of his 1-of-1 pair or not.

A similar factory error recently took place with the Shattered Backboard. Dubbed the “Reverse Shattered Backboard” it was priced at around $146,000 USD. That’s 900 times its retail price.

So apparently, people have a thing for weird Swooshes, and Jordan Brand and Travis Scott now know that.

As for the hidden money pocket, it’s at the ankle tab. You can secure the money by closing the velcro pocket. Check it out:

money pocket