SneakerBotFox Installation Instructions


SneakerBotFox Installation:

You CAN NOT use the most up-to-date version of Mozilla Firefox.

You must do the following before installing the bot.

Do not remove your current version of Mozilla Firefox. You will need to download and install the Mozilla Firefox version listed below over your currently installed version of Mozilla Firefox.

After you confirm that it enables properly do the following: Click the 3 stripes button in the upper left corner of Firefox – Select Preferences – Select Advanced – Select Update – Click “Never check for updates”

GMAIL Directions

Gmail has changed their download procedure so if you’re using Gmail follow these directions IF YOU ARE NOT USING GMAIL THEN SKIP DOWN TO THE NON-GMAIL INSTRUCTIONS BELOW.

1) On the Download file you’ll see a DOWN arrow, click it, and select Save As. The file will download at the top of Mozilla Firefox.

2) Click the 3 stripes tab in the upper right hand corner and select Add-ons.

3) Click the DOWN arrow in the upper right hand corner of Mozilla Firefox.


4) Now grab the SneakerBotFox.xpi file and drag it from the top right hand corner of your Mozilla Firefox window into the middle of the extensions page and drop it in.

Non-Gmail Instructions

1) Right click SneakerBotFox.xpi link and click Save-As. Be sure to save the SneakerBotFox to your desktop for easy access.

2) Open Mozilla Firefox and access the Add-On’s page by clicking the 3 stripes icon in the upper right and selecting Add-On’s.


3) Once on the Add-on page shrink your browser windows so you’re able to access your desktop in the background. Select the SneakerBotFox.xpi file and drag it into the middle of the Mozilla Firefox Browser, drop it in.

4) Select the Install Now button.


5) Enter the activation code that was included with your email.

6) If you entered the ACTIVATION CODE correctly you should receive the follow message. If you do not receive the message “Activated!” you must click the trash icon and restart the installation process.

7) You’re done!!! The SneakerBotFox is now activated and ready for use.

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