SneakerBot™ – Automatically Cop EastBay, Champs Sports, FootLocker and FootAction Releases

The SneakerBot™ is now AVAILABLE

The SneakerBot has been updated as of 8/14/2014.


Our first two bots have had so much success on that we’ve decided to make a new bot that will work on additional sites. The SneakerBot™ brings the ability to easily cop limited sneakers from other sneaker sites including,, and of course

The SneakerBot™ allows users to purchase limited release sneakers from these online stores by automated the process. If you buy sneakers from any of these sites you know that they all implement a timer on the product page leading up to release time. The SneakerBot™ follows this time and automatically selects the users size once the product becomes available after this it quickly automates the checkout process while you sit back and watch it work. Due to this functionality our users have first dibs on every FootLocker, FootAction and EastBay release.

The SneakerBot™ only works on,, and

The NikeShoeBot and SneakerBot™ CAN run at the same time.

You must read the FAQ and Disclaimer.





While we do everything in our power to stay updated on Nike, FootLocker, EastBay and Footaction release protocols and processes it is possible that they could change them at the last second and cause problems with the NikeShoeBot or SneakerBot’s performance. Due to this issue we cannot guarantee that you will be able to cop every pair but we will continue to update the NikeShoeBot, NikeShoeBot2 and the SneakerBot™ accordingly.

Refund Policy: There are no refunds once payment is made, please read the entire FAQ, Disclaimer and product page before purchasing.