Nike PG 3: Into the New Space-Inspired Paul George Shoes

by: Tilda
January 14, 2019

Nike PG 3: Into the New Space-Inspired Paul George Shoes

Escapism has always had its place in the fashion world. It can come in the form of floral print like the vacation floral tees. Or it can incorporate outer space aesthetics as we’ve seen in the Nike Paul George 2 ‘PlayStation’ and now again in the latest edition of Paul George shoes, the Nike PG 3.

For as long as we’ve existed, humans have been interested in space and the great beyond. Today with the increase in pollution and waste, the threat of inevitable war over land and scarce resources, and the amount of poverty that still exists on Earth, it’s only natural to draw inspiration from another world.

SpaceX and NASA had an interesting year last year; whether it’s putting a car in space or making the decision to go back to the moon after decades. Moves to space bring hope to people and fashion wants its part in that hope too. Hence, space -specifically NASA- has largely been a trend in fashion during 2018. Clothing inspired by space exploration, shoe collabs (like NASA x VANs), to even a space inspired houseware collection by IKEA and NASA.

Now NASA is joining forces with Paul George and Nike to bring forth the newest evolution of Paul George shoes, the Nike PG 3.

The New Paul George Shoes

Paul George, the OKC American basketball player, is from Palmdale, a city outside of LA. Its zip code is 93552. How does this tie to the sneaker collab? Well, this is where NASA holds its Hangar 703.

In addition, during the offseason, Paul George took to the Kennedy Space Center in Orlando, Florida to train in specific environments that would improve his performance. And it shows!

Updated from the previous model, the Nike PG 3 is lighter than the PG 2.5. Nike worked closely with NASA to get specific details right, from the color to the material used. The sole on the shoes are inspired by the craters on the moon, and they’re designed to give more traction than the previous models.

There are NASA-related patches on the heel and tongue, as well as Paul George’s favorite quote, “Don’t tell me the sky’s the limit when there are footprints on the moon,” on the heel. This detail will be added to the entire next wave of Paul George shoes.

The release will include a full limited edition collection that comprises of a tracksuit, tees, hats, socks, bookbag and the Paul George shoes. They will release on January 26th at Nike and select Nike retailers (such as some Shopify sites) and will come in GS sizing.

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