Nike Concepts Serves Us Some TurDunken on Thanksgiving!

by: Tilda
November 14, 2020

Nike Concepts Serves Us Some TurDunken on Thanksgiving!

The sneaker industry wouldn’t be the same without crazy fun projects. And crazy fun projects are Nike and Concepts store’s specialty! The Nike Concepts collaborations are always (ironically) out of the box and very creative. So let’s check out this year’s festive Nike Concepts Dunk: The TurDunken!

nike concepts turdunken

Pretty Interesting Name for Sneakers

So, TurDunken is a pretty weird sneaker name, isn’t it? But we’ve got a really delicious explanation for it all! The name is actually inspired by Louisiana’s famous thanksgiving dish: the Turducken. As the name suggests, it’s a chicken inside a duck, inside a turkey. And the new Nike Concepts TurDunken takes it a bit too literally with the design and packaging!

nike concepts Turdunken 2020

So we’re gonna start with the stuffing first, and that’s the Dri-FIT chicken leg socks. Which, you’ll find stuffed inside the pair of Mallard Duck inspired Dunks! The kicks feature iridescent tongues aka the duck’s head. The upper features different shades of the bird’s feather through brown suede and beige feather panels. The shiny blue swoosh is a nod to the dash of blue of the mallard’s wings. The kicks won’t be complete without the orange outsole that looks like the webbed duck feet though. Finally, the kicks will come inside turkey wrapping and bon appétit! And if you’re still not sold on this release, the packaging takes it to another level with a turkey leg Nerf vortex football. Moreover, the branding is also interesting with the tongue that says “Nike Duck Pro” and the Concepts logo on the inside!

nike concepts turdunken socks

Release Info

The first release of Nike Concepts TurDunken took place exclusively at the Concepts store on November 14, 2020. But if you didn’t catch that, no problem! A wider release will follow on November 21, 2020, for $120. And missing out on such a fun release would mean regret it later. Because if you change your mind, you’ll have to pay around $1,100 on the aftermarket!

Memorable Nike Concepts Collabs

Although this collaboration is a head-turner, older collabs were absolutely groundbreaking! That’s why we decided to look at each pack and what was so special about it. But honestly, Nike Concepts is one of the most fun partnerships in the industry. And the secret to it is that they probably don’t take it very seriously. Good on them!

Nike Concepts Lobster

It all started with the OG red lobster Dunks back in 2008. This pair resells for at least $2500 but if you want the special box you’ll have to go up to $6,000! A year later, the blue and yellow pair followed. Fast forward to 2018 and we got the last two pairs: blue and purple! But honestly, although we love them all, the red pair will always hit differently for us.

nike concepts lobster

The “Grail” Pack!

That was a pretty smart play on words and an underrated collaboration. A grail, in sneaker terms, is a pair that a sneakerhead wants so bad to own. It’s either a very very exclusive release, or a very expensive one! Of course, the other face of the name is the actual religious meaning. So it was smart of the Nike Concepts partnership to drop such a pack in 2015. The pack consisted of a “Holy Grail” Dunk Low, a “Stained Glass” Dunk High, and a “Mosaic” Janoski Max!

nike concepts grail pack

Ugly Christmas Sweater… Kicks?

Because the famous Christmas sweaters are a staple during the holiday season, we got this pack. The Nike Concepts Ugly Christmas Sweater collection of 2013 included two pairs. Each pair features a pretty “ugly” design: snowmen, gifts, Christmas tree, snowflakes, and mistletoes! But what they lack in looks, they make up for it in profit! So you can rock the TurDunken on Thanksgiving, and the Christmas Sweater Dunks on Christmas Eve!

nike concepts ugly christmas sweater