Is The Air Jordan 11 Derek Jeter RE2PECT Returning in a Low?

by: NikeShoeBot
April 3, 2018

Is The Air Jordan 11 Derek Jeter RE2PECT Returning in a Low?

You may not have to pay $40,000 to get the Air Jordan 11 Derek Jeter RE2PECT. On February 24, Pinoe posted a photograph of a pair of the RE2PECT Air Jordan 11 Derek Jeter in a low on his Instagram. At first, no one took him seriously, but now the rumors are growing.

Not only are the rumors growing but they’re being supported by more images. This was his response when posting a follow-up photo with leaked details like release date and price:

The mid version of these RE2PECT shoes popped up for sale on Stadium Goods for $40,000 late last year. The heaping resale price is understandable since there is said to be only 5 pairs of the shoe in existence. They first were sold in a pop-up near the Yankee Stadium. According to SoleCollector, they released in celebration of the baseball player, Derek Jeter’s retirement.

RE2PECT Online Appearances

We’re seeing more media coverage of these sneakers from articles to Instagram posts to YouTube videos. That in itself proves that the rumors have created a trend and perhaps they may be in fact true.

For example, why would Jacques Slade make a video of himself in the Stadium Goods storage exclusively to show us the Air Jordan 11 Derek Jeter in his video titled Is $40,000 Too Expensive For A Pair Of SNEAKERS??

And why would Complex just upload the video P.J. Tucker Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex in which he tells the host that Chris Paul flexed the rare Derek Jeter Air Jordan 11?

So if the rumors are true, we’ll be seeing a lot more of this Yankee navy blue babies around. Except this time, it won’t be the Mids, rather it will be the Air Jordan 11 Derek Jeter Low.

Air Jordan 11 Derek Jeter Release Details

Leakers, especially those with a reputation to uphold won’t publish fake news. They’ll be meticulous about how and where they get their information.

So without further ado, we’d like to claim that the RE2PECT release month looks like it could be April and the price, rather than a flabbergasting $40,000 will be around $200. PinoE says the release will be limited to around 59,000 pairs only, so prepare yourself!

Also, have you heard that the Off-White Air Vapormax is coming out in April?