Nike Shoe Bot

$349.00 / year

(147 customer reviews)

Get the latest limited sneakers for retail price using NSB. Highly exclusive items like Air Jordans, Dunks, and Off-whites are within reach.

Using the latest automation and AI technologies, NSB brings you an efficient and user-friendly copping experience.


Implementing the latest technologies in botting and AI, Nike Shoe Bot brings you an efficient & user-friendly copping experience.

By using our sneaker bot you can snatch the latest releases like Air Jordans, Travis Scotts, and many more.

Make tens of thousands of dollars flipping sneakers copped at retail with NSB!

AI Captcha Solution

A breakthrough in botting! Solve captchas with NSB in milliseconds now using the power of AI.

In-bot monitor

The first bot to introduce in-bot monitors and hooking tasks to a monitor based on keywords.

Custom Shopify

Use NSB to cop any limited item or sneakers from any Shopify website at any time.

Bulk Supported Sites

Buy the most hyped sneaker releases from Nike, Shopify, Footsites, and 100 MORE SITES!


NSB is supported on all MacOS and Windows powered devices.

Free Discord

Get free access to a community with tons of guides, exclusive deals & tips to boost your chances.

Supported Retailers

100+ Shopify



Coming Soon



147 reviews for Nike Shoe Bot

  1. Martim Sou

    I don’t really like the bot much, but still looking forward to this NSB3 to see how it works.
    They say its pretty good
    hopping for the best

  2. James Broussard

    This bot definitely has its ups and downs, but it is so worth it! It helped make a $3500+ profit.
    Good support, good dev team, you can see their hard work

  3. RamizJef

    Copped Pandas last Nike drop using NSB3! Bro this shit is real

  4. OG user1

    Had the bot since NSB 1.0 beta, and now NSB3 beta. You do NOT want to miss this.

  5. Douglas S. Gonzales

    Waiting for the new updates to cop, all trust in NSB

  6. RoxieK

    Pretty amazing what the people at NSB are doing.

  7. Mr. F Hernadez

    good bot
    perfect team

  8. i. Kruglov

    It definitely has its ups and downs. But recommended

  9. PaulMbappe

    Need a few updates but worth it. Good support and devs

  10. MadaEssa 56

    copped lots of jordans last year. favs

  11. Angela Gamble

    New user! NSB3 looks promising

  12. Imko Theunis

    been using it for 6 months now, no success. I love the community i still have another 6 months to go.

  13. Margie lexus

    Thanks for choosing me for beta testing!! First run was a success, shopify runs smooth as silk!!

  14. botterKB

    Back to the top! NSB is really getting better by each update, great staff, good support, and the devs are next level!

  15. BrightS

    high hopes in making great profits

  16. SilvaB

    NSB is killing Shopify

  17. S.Carson

    Guys trust me, you do not want to sleep on this bot!

  18. R. Culbertson

    +$2000 profit off reselling while using NSB! i love you guys!

  19. AnjaF

    Heard lots of good stuff about NSB, definitely worth the shot!

  20. Endre Ramsland

    copped using the new AI module!

  21. Miguel Azevedo

    NSB user since day 1. Copped more than +2600 sneakers and looking for more!
    Keep it up guys love u

  22. Sheldon

    please give me NSB3!

  23. Edvin

    NSB 2 was legit good, can’t wait to see how NSB3 will be

  24. Hopper

    NSB updates look fire, NSB staff is good, always looking for more

  25. Amy Delaney

    NSB user since day 1! Best bot ever

  26. LuisZ

    good support, good staff, good devs. they provide one on one support for us newbies!

  27. Rocky Sneed

    I enjoy reading your blogs guys.

  28. LadyN

    Not that bad tbh, they’re getting better every day. Waiting for your big NSB3!

  29. George

    love you guys

  30. Garrett Waltrip

    Good support, they always reply and answer all my questions

  31. believer x

    Waiting for the big update boss 😉 NSB3!!

  32. sebastian

    starting off, wish me luck

  33. og user

    excited about your NSB3!!

  34. Kenneth

    I like the discord staff and their availability. Definitely worth the shot

  35. Allen L.

    I’d really like to thank the team for answering all my questions whether on email or discord, learning botting was a bit hard for me but with their support I now really enjoy it

  36. Donavan R

    not bad as my first bot

  37. riri

    Valuable info in your blogs guys, i enjoy reading them

  38. Lewis Buda

    Love the bot, consistent support, dedicated devs.

  39. Matilda S

    New to botting, and still learning. Looks good

  40. Freddie Howell


  41. George Forster

    this is my 3rd year running NSB, helpful staff, constant updates, and great shopify module

  42. Julie P

    I love reading your blogs, good reliable content

  43. Rachel Roberts

    Fair bot

  44. Simon J. Laskowski

    New updates are pushed regularly by the devs. Salute to Daylar and Cypher keep it up guys

  45. botter101

    NSB popped off lately for me, the profits, the community, and the support everything in NSB has been helping me and i really appreciate it.
    I appreciate your hard work Cypher! keep it up boss

  46. big moe

    Just copped my first yeezy slide! It was a bit hard but we did it!

  47. Sarah Swift

    I like your blogs. It has really good content and info!

  48. nsb since day 1

    Good bot, good UI, user friendly, good support

  49. Ayden Houston

    I’ve owned NSB for a year and will renew my subscription for sure! Keep it up NSB Team! <3

  50. Donald Propp


  51. Henri Parrot

    J’aime ce bot

  52. kanye klark

    whoah this weblog is magnificent I like reading your posts. Keep up the good work! You realize, lots of people are looking around for this info, and you could aid them greatly.

  53. Owen K. Hilley

    I just love this bot. that is it!

  54. AnneW

    It always has been my got to bot. Just continue to stay up to date on new developments. To me, the bot is as reliable as any other bot!

  55. Ghost

    Decent bot, I’m new

  56. Bernd Goldschmidt

    good team, good support,very helpful

  57. Declan Coates

    I love nsb ever since I’ve become a member. This was my very first bot. In 2019-2020 this bot was unbelievable and really help me propel myself further in the industry. Thanks

  58. Queen L

    NSB has always been consistent with regular updates for site changes

  59. Klaus S

    So far so good. NSB is still an excellent bot on Shopify.

  60. Jared

    One of the best Bot i have used. No Bot is perfect and needs tweaking which you guys are just doing great. Very underrated.

  61. AnthonyL

    I like reading your blogs. Really good content

  62. Joshua Lautner

    I’ve owned NSB for a long time and it’s always been a bot I always use and want to see have a lot of success. The team is always finding ways to improve NSB and I’m thankful for all the hard work!

  63. star w

    Solid bot, definitely should be competing with the best out there.

  64. El McDuff

    Always a success copping my size! Don’t sleep on this bot

  65. Benjamin Velazquez

    Indeed no bots guarantee you copping, but NSB is killing it

  66. Elijah Blake

    good bot

  67. kevin brown

    it is a really good bot actually, I’ve had it for a while now. great team behind it <3 shoutout to the best devs Cypher and Daylar

  68. nsb lover

    NSB is very user-friendly, I used this bot for over a year and watched many famous botters on youtube using it. One of my best investments. It also popped off for me on yeezy day

  69. newsnkr

    I joined NSB recently, the new NSB guides are so fire! So easy to use and navigate.

  70. Jayden Rey

    Been really consistent lately on Yeezy Supply, managed to cop lots of Yeezys using NSB. Keep it up!

  71. kattie b

    First time user, blue tasks are fire, good UI, friendly staff

  72. D.Miller

    I’m still trying to figure out how to use the bot, but NSB discord server is very helpful to understand how to get started

  73. Emma.T

    This bot works well on a multiple sites and continues to impress. Great for beginners and experts.

  74. william brown

    Good customer service, good bot, good investment.

  75. Jayden Rey

    You guys need NSB in your life! I’m looking forward Yeezy Day! This bot is killing it

  76. stephan smith

    I’m pretty familiar with it!! You guys been arround for a while! Pretty known bot

  77. matt.579

    The program has been great and nikeshoebot is extremely beginner friendly with tons of information to help new comers!

  78. J Herbert

    People sleeping on nsb! Always loved nsb I run a lot

  79. brandon j

    The inbot monitors it’s the best
    it was my 1st bot. I’ve ran a few other bots and none have came close to the UI

  80. jackie salvatore

    After looking at many bot options, NSB just stuck out to me for its simplicity and great design. I really like how NSB has a built-in cookie generator. When it comes to success, I’ve had a lot of success with NSB since I got it. I’m really happy I chose NSB and I would recommend it to other people

  81. ezekiel

    NSB has been an excellent bot for me overall! I have copped some Yeezy knit runners and slides on YS. Covered a lot of Shopify drops for me. Got me some nice profit. Has an awesome community. I am very happy with the bot!

  82. harry.m

    I can see that the bot is improving, staff are investing in the bot, helping the community, and adding new profitable sites. This bot is definitely one of the cheapest consistent bots I have ever had.
    Totally recommend using NSB.

  83. Samantha Ha

    Fantastic product overall

  84. daryl snkr

    Nsb is the best bot to start botting with in the market. There team is so helpful and nice. They also have great members that helped me through my journey. Please don’t hesitate to buy this bot so you can start your journey. For the first few days you will be a little bit lost after you get more familiar is super easy and I guaranteed you will make your money back in the first 6 months.

  85. GeorgeY 55

    One of the best bots on the market no other aio is as consistent and customer service is unmatched constant updates and immediate responses to you dms would recommend to beginners and expert shoe botters

  86. xoxo

    One of the most user friendly bots out there! Great support from Specter and Maya staff! Was able to cop on hard releases. More user friendly and efficient than Cybersole.

  87. Miley

    When I reached out about an issue with my subscription, I was promptly contacted by customer support.
    They handled the matter within 24 hours. Thanks again!

  88. BotterBoy

    Great staff and product

  89. riley g

    Really easy to use, hit many times important releases!

  90. joseph

    Nike Shoe Bot provides a fantastic product with great support. User base is active and they are cooking!

  91. dj k

    Great consistent bot. Devs and mods are super helpful and updates are pushed regularly to combat changes on sites. Highly recommend especially for beginners

  92. snkr lover

    I highly recommend NikeShoeBot to get started with botting!

    Over the last year, I’ve used NSB to make far more money than I spent on the product. NSB customer service is second-to-none, and their Discord server provides guides for nearly every drop you could ever need.

    If you are looking to get into sneaker bots, but don’t know where to start, look no further than NSB.

  93. William J

    Easy to setup, great staff and overall a good experience. For the price you can’t go wrong.

  94. didi45

    NSB is killing it

  95. Ardee

    This bot is doing great last several releases. Contains a lot of handy features and easy to access. I copped yeezys, jordans any thing is achievable with this bot.

    Would totally recommned

  96. Alin Glenn

    One of the best bots for both shopify and Footsites

  97. bonesaw

    Been using NSB for a couple months now and copped dunks,bogos, aj1s + more. it’s a great beginner bot! for $500 it’s really worth it! made my money back in few weeks only.

  98. R.Space

    Hit my first Off white with NSB! Thanks for making it happen

  99. Yoda (verified owner)

    Not bad, even with low stock NSB hits Shopify

  100. Terry Mock (verified owner)

    NSB The best sneaker bot that isn’t sold out

  101. Kyler M (verified owner)

    NSB Always coming in with the big checkouts

  102. Yo Sway (verified owner)

    NSB I love you guys!

  103. KicksKors

    NSB cooked hard for the Warrens. Size 7.5,8.5,11.5 all successful checkouts

  104. Albert Aguilar

    NSB never disappoints even with low stock!

  105. Qui Do

    Cooked this August with NSB : Puma Dreamers, Tie Dyes restock, Low Royal toe, Satin SnakeSkin…..

  106. Anthony

    I cook using this bot, and it is the best for it’s price once you learn how to use it! Copped me so many W’s

  107. Kyruu

    2300$ profit on 3 pairs of Jordan 4 Off whites thanks to NSB!

  108. 18pairsonkith

    this bot copped me 500 pairs of size 14 citrins!

  109. Dan

    very good

  110. James

    It’s a hella good bot

  111. Sweatshop

    Finally… First W, after 5 months of L’s. S/O to NSB Bot

  112. GoKickSlots

    Busy week but managed to run for one release and it was a cookout thanks to NSB

  113. HeadandSneakers

    My one and only @NSB_Bot

  114. James

    Literally came home from school with the mindset that the Kobe will be easy to catch off a restock, and what do u know, it was thx to NikeShoeBot.

  115. Ballinninja

    Haven’t cooked in a while, but NikeShoeBot has got my back. My guys Nanekj & Cypher keep me fitted. #NSBElite #IFYKYK

  116. Hella

    Confirming the theory, using NSB, you can cook while on a vacation.

  117. Brandon

    Day 1 of NSB 2.0 and Cypher out here is already killin it

  118. tuckerhendrie08 (verified owner)

    I’ve officially had this bot for over a year now. Started during the beta Summer 2018 and still going strong. This is the most consistent bot you can get for the price in my opinion and proves to have some of the best/hardest-working devs. This bot has officially made me thousands of dollars and hopefully more to come. However, due to it’s very large user base, it has become a competition between its own users to cop shoes. Since there is some much competition within this bot it has become significantly more difficult to cop. With practice (continuous testing) you can be very successful with this bot. It is a very fast bot and absolutely destroys Undefeated and Yeezy Supply (with anti-bot off). If you decide to purchase NSB please DO NOT expect to instantly get 5-10 pairs every release: botting takes time and a lot of research/practice. Overall I am a satisfied customer and would highly recommend this bot to any beginner or even veteran. You will cook with this bot enough said.


  119. Tylerar

    Best bot around thank you guys

  120. Dreelias

    Wasn’t even home for the Yeezy 500 Bone White Drop, yet I got one thanks to NikeShoeBot

  121. 2pro22

    Copped 2 Static 700s and a waver runner on YEEZY DAY, totally recommend

  122. Philip Briggs (verified owner)

    still leading the way, great addons as in adidas and such. this bot was a game changer for me. devs work hard and it shows, not like others that leave u out to dry…

  123. Pedro

    Finally getting the Ws I deserve

  124. J23-Show

    Got my J1 Retro High black crimson tint all thanks to nsb, couldn’t have done it without y’all

  125. Aaron

    Always lookin 4wd to mail day, great bot, for once i spent my money well!!

  126. KMam

    They clays couldn’t be easier to cop with NSB, thanks peeps

  127. Alex

    Superb work from the devs, having a lot of success using this bot! add more sites!

  128. Aisha (verified owner)

    loved it

  129. tee (verified owner)

    very good bot that others try to mimick.very highly recommended

  130. Alexey Arefev

    Would really love a chance to use this bot. I’ve been following it for some time now!

  131. Arpon (verified owner)

    been using for almost two months now, success is insane. helped get my first pair of off-whites.

  132. Ari Kicks (verified owner)

    The best bot

  133. Anar (verified owner)

    I used to think of this bot as a joke but recently many devs of other bots have given up, the devs of nsb have continued to push out updates to keep nsb cooking.

  134. Pierre Zhang

    trying now,looks brilliant!

  135. giao giao

    coooool as fuck

  136. Lorre (verified owner)

    Amazing bot, hope to see nice things in the future.

  137. Matthew

    One of the best up and coming bots in the game. The developer constantly pushes updates and is receptive to what the bot’s users have to say. In the past 2 months, the bot has cooked releases such as OW Blazers, converses, and Jordan’s. Definitely worth an investment

  138. Mience Aliyanto (verified owner)

    A must cop Bot, one of the best Bot in the game!!

  139. Jason (verified owner)

    Bot speeds are not great, there are better options for the price

  140. jtulb

    doesn’t support Adidas but still good with other sites supported

  141. dan

    Copped Jordan 10 Cement’s 30 minutes before they were available on the site!

  142. kelvin45

    Good looks easy to use.

  143. Chicago83

    can’t wait to see what else is to come!

  144. Ryzign

    Cooked for me

  145. Michael T

    the fastest and easiest Bot to use!!

  146. Kidd244

    couldn’t have done it without u! Thanks

  147. Alex

    Still in Beta and copped 2 pairs on yeezy butter and 3 pairs on yeezy 500, only 2 attempts

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