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NikeShoeBot2 v3.7.1 Update

Twitter recently made a change that stopped our previous version of the NikeShoeBot2 from opening the links NikeStore sent out via their feed. As you know this step is necessary for the bot to properly function, so this update is needed for your bot to continue working. We have corrected the issue and NikeShoeBot2 v3.7 will now open Twitter links.

This update also includes functionality to work on Unisex releases.

When installing the new update, DO NOT REMOVE the previous version, simply drop the new version on top of the old one in the Google Extensions page.


Screenshot 2015-04-29 22.23.51


Screenshot 2015-04-29 22.30.05

This update also comes with previously included features:

The bot will open @NikeStore countdown links AFTER they’ve already been tweeted. So instead of enabling the NikeShoeBot2 15 minutes prior to release time, you will be able to enable the bot a couple minutes before release time, and the bot will automatically open the countdown links. Of course the NikeShoeBot2 will still open links that @NikeStore sends out after you’ve enabled the bot, just as it always has.

We’ve also developed an error bypass system that is included with this update. If there is a error that pops up such as “All pairs are in others carts”, “Too many people on the site”, etc. the bot should continue to attempt to place you in line. This is our first version of the error bypass system so we need your help in testing it. If you receive any errors that are not automatically bypassed, please screenshot the error and send it to us immediately.

*This update can only be purchased by previous NikeShoeBot2 customers.

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