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This is NOT the SneakerBot2.0 Program. If you are looking for the stand alone SneakerBot2.0 program you can purchase it here –

This package includes the SneakerBot (Google Chrome,,, and bot) and the SneakerBotFox (Mozilla Firefox,,, and bot).


SneakerBot and SneakerBotFox work on the US sites and those sites now support international shipping, for more information, check this link, it is good for all 4 of the SneakerBot sites.

International shipping (excluding Canada)
Canada shipping information

The SneakerBot and SneakerBotFox are included in this purchase and allow users to purchase limited release sneakers from these online stores by automating the process. If you buy sneakers from,,, or then you know that they all implement a timer on the product page leading up to release time. The SneakerBot and SneakerBotFox follow this timer and will auto add the users size once the product becomes available, after this it quickly automates the checkout process while you sit back and watch it work. Due to this functionality our users have first dibs on every FootLocker, FootAction, ChampsSports and EastBay release! Don’t forget that these sites also release Kanye West’s limited sneakers making the SneakerBot and SneakerBotFox the most sought after Yeezy Bot ever released!

The SneakerBot runs on Google Chrome and the SneakerBotFox runs on Mozilla Firefox.




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