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Valium comes from the Benzodiazepine class and it is a drug that’s also known as Diazepam in some regions of the world. It’s a prescription drug that cannot be used by persons who do not have permission from their physician or doctor to use them. Highly powerful, they are used in treating anxiety, muscle spasms, alcohol withdrawal, and other disorders that affect the central nervous system.

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How To Use or When to Use Valium?

Valium is a class A drug, among the most powerful and addictive drugs that can be found in pharmacies. Therefore, using it is strictly prohibited unless the one intending to use it has a doctor’s prescription for that. In order to receive a prescription and a treatment with Valium, one must suffer from the above-mentioned affections or have other central nervous system complications like Insomnia, Hallucinations, and Suicidal thoughts. However, Valium can be used, with great success, and it is rated as one of the most efficient drugs in its class. Always take Valium as your doctor recommended and never exceed the maximum dose that was prescribed for you. Valium comes in the form of pills so it is to the user’s benefit to administrate Valium with plenty of water, orally. Also, the dose of Valium which was prescribed by your doctor is highly efficient when taken at similar hours of the day. Just like antibiotics, Valium has an effect that can last from 6 to 10 hours, depending on the number of pills the doctor prescribed and the patient’s physical state.

Are There Any Side Effects to Using Valium?

Just like any other drug from this class, the Benzodiazepine class, Valium comes with a list of possible side effects which can be avoided if the patient follows the exact instructions of his doctor, and takes the exact dose as the doctor prescribed. Increasing the dosage or taking it by ear may affect the whole treatment and also may lead to unwanted and unpleasant effects. Among the most common side effects of Valium, patients can encounter:

  • Drowsiness;
  • Tiredness;
  • Muscle weakness;
  • Lack of coordination;

These side effects can be avoided with a very strict program and a healthy diet, as well as good sleep times and relaxation. Although rates as mild to medium side effects, common on more than 30% of Valium users, you must always seek medical guidance in case they appear frequently or in high-intensity rounds.

Regarding the severe side effects, rather rare, affecting less than 2% of Valium users, patients must know that in case of:

  • Severe drowsiness;
  • Low heartbeat;
  • Lack of air;
  • Agitation;
  • Aggression;
  • Panic;
  • Severe Vomiting;

They must hurry to the doctor or call for assistance. Although the risks of dying are very low, patients must always take seriously any change that takes place during the treatment with Valium. It is recommended by doctors for patients to keep track of every side effect that may occur for future examination.

How to Store Valium?

Being a highly powerful drug, with great risks for persons who don’t need it, Valium must always be stored away from the reach of children and animals, in a cool and dry place. Doctors recommend storing Valium in a place where only the one using it can reach, closed for extra protection against possible accidents on children or animals. If expired, Valium must not be disposed of in the water. As an alternative, users can dispose of it by leaving unused/expired boxes at their local pharmacies.


Valium is a highly efficient yet highly powerful Benzodiazepine drug, also known as Diazepam in some regions. It is used to treat anxiety, depression, alcohol withdrawal symptoms, and other disorders that may affect the central nervous system. Patients must take Valium only as the doctor prescribed and never try to increase the dosage without asking for permission from professionals. Also, Valium must be administrated only with water and not with alcohol, sparkling beverages, or other drinks. Keep Valium away from the reach of other persons, especially children, and always seek medical guidance in case of any form of side effects. Keeping track of every change of attitude or medical state will help the doctors better establish your dose and future recommendations for your health.